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The Nuns: Which One Is The Most Bad-Ass?

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I don't know their names yet, but there was a slim one that was funny, and a heavier one that was funny.  


It's hard to find to find descriptors that don't encompass clothing/makeup choices!  I wonder if they are mixing up nuns from later communities, though, because a couple of them had very distinctive wimples.  Or maybe they're like nursing caps and you wear the one from the community you came from?  Though I'd think they'd be pretty consistent because you don't just change orders (I don't think).


Another option is that they show rank, I suppose.  

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I am a big fan of Mother Mark (?), the head of the Carmelites. She has such a calm and patient demeanor, without a hint of judgment. I expect she's seen all kinds of women come through the doors during the years, and we might be surprised and who accepts the call and who doesn't. She seems accepting of all the discerners, 


I love seeing their sense of humor, and hearing a bit of their backstory. It's easy to forget they were "real people" before they became nuns. 

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