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S06.E19: Is That You?

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I'm still trying to work out the rules of Prismo time travel, but clearly there's not a loop or paradox. Jake and Finn have branched off somehow, while one Finn exploded and one Jake is snoozing.

Prismo said something about "you must be out of pickles", so presumably Plan B involves them working through the whole jar to get primed for the dreaming. (Really, two eps in a row about dreams!)

Also, Finn sword!

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Alright this is gonna be confusing. It wasn't time travel so much as a pocket dimension created in Jake and Prismo's memories. Finn doing the dream ritual in Jake's memories is what creates the multiple Finns and Jakes and a 'memory loop'


Let's break it down!


The First Finn and Jake (right now the only Finn and Jake) do the dreaming ritual and go to bed thinking of Prismo.


The First Jake went to Prismo's memories and fell asleep in the bed, resurrecting Prismo.


The First Finn went to the First Jake's memories and figured he needed to recreate the dreaming to find out what happened to the First Jake.


When the First Finn recreated the dreaming ritual it sent a Second Jake to Prismo's memories. The First Finn woke up and followed the Second Jake to the world of Prismo's memories, and another Finn (the Second Finn) was sent to a world of the Second Jake's memories.


Recap time: The First Jake is now sleeping in the bed, and the Second Jake is still awake taking the path the First Jake took towards the bed. The First Finn is chasing the Second Jake and he is interrupted by Prismo who tells him to wake up the First Jake.


The First Finn wakes up the First Jake and Prismo dies again, but the Second Jake falls asleep in the bed just like the First Jake did and Prismo is again resurrected.  


The Second Finn does exactly what the First Finn does and recreates the dreaming ritual again, sending another Finn and Jake (the Third Jake and the Second Finn) to Prismo's memories again.  We see the Third Jake run by right after Prismo tells the First Finn to follow him cause he needs his help.


Recap time again: The First Finn and Jake are now both talking with Prismo. The Second Jake is asleep in the bed. The Second Finn is chasing the Third Jake and is interrupted by Prismo who tells him to wake up the Second Jake.


The First Finn is now told by Prismo to stop the Second Finn from waking up the Second Jake. The Second Finn is stopped by the First Finn and explodes and turns into Finn Sword! and the Second Jake turns into Old Man Prismo.


The episode ends then, so we never find out what happens to the Third Jake (and all the subsequent Finns and Jakes created by the memory loop)


Anyway. Welcome back Prismo.

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