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S04.E09: There's Something Else Going On

Tara Ariano
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Bunny said that if they see, or hear of a drone anywhere over the area, then Saul would not be returned.   

Isn't that what spy satellites are for? For that matter what was stopping the US from shooting all five of those terrorist guys the second they had Saul safe? I would assume those guys would be on their kill list right. 


All in all I thought this was a good episode. A completely different show than what it was in season 1, but for this type of show it was pretty good.

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  • 7 years later...

Why was the gate to the secret tunnel locked on the outside? I guess it would be locked on the inside until someone went out on it, then that person would put the lock on the outside until they came back. So was someone out?

Also, why didn't they have Saul walk across the Tarmac as the prisoners walked across, passing in the middle, rather than letting the prisoners get all the way across before Saul was released? it was an exchange.

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