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S02.E10: Busted

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Xander Harris hates Liam as well.

I didn't even know Nick Brendon was going to be on this ep! I was shocked when I saw my guy Xander. 

BTW- does anyone know how long ago this episode was filmed? Would you say less than six months ago?


Mean while everyone saw Leo/Theo as a cop. The writers/cast tried so hard to convince us it was different.


Ok-   even *I* predicted he'd be an undercover cop, so that's saying something, because I suck as predicting things on tv/movies.


I join in the chorus of stop outing everyone Shane!  When Shane said he was going to spill the beans on Duke, I got scared for a minute because my mind went to, oh crap....what if Duke tries to kill himself over what Shane does? That would have taken a bad turn,don't know if the writers would have gone that route since it's a pretty light show.

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