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S01.E09: Rogue Element


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I love this show.  The hour goes so fast.  It's so different and interesting.  I love the relationship between Cabe and Walter.  And my favorite character is Happy.  I didn't like her at first but boy did she grow on me.  There's nothing she can't do.

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I was enjoying the episode until the bad guys slashed all 8 car tires and kidnapped the ex-wife.  Why do that?  Shouldn't they have just walked in and killed everybody, burying the bodies out in the pasture?  What were they planning to do with the ex-wife? Negotiate something?  What?


This was really sloppy writing, and disappointing to watch.  I also noticed that there were 3 scenes at the end that wrapped up the action and continually reiterated the whole "like a real Dad" thing, and yet the episode still ended a little early. 

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Happy: They are barely driving above the speed limit so they won't attract attention....

Bad guy starts shooting on busy freeway, nobody notices anyway


LA drivers must be worse than NY drivers not to notice something like that, hahaha

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Happy removed the critical evidence from the damaged boat. She should've just looked at it and left it alone. 


So now doesn't their loft need to be abandoned for someplace new?  The powerful bad guys might arrange payback.


I'm not buying that kid actor playing the role of a genius.  He supposedly discussed all those baseball statistical situations with his dad. Ralph just seems like a sweet shy character.  I guess I'll continue to imagine that Ralph has those cognitive abilities. 

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Jessica Tuck as Cabe's ex?  Yeah, I certainly can buy Nan Flannagan from True Blood as someone who could have been married to a Robert Patrick character.  Enjoyed the interactions between the two of them.  Wouldn't be against her showing up again.


I enjoyed the majority of, although I agree the last act went into ridiculous territory.  Why didn't the bad guys just storm the place and shoot everyone up, as oppose to capturing the ex, and then getting into a car chase?  If it was to hide the body, the "safe house" seemed isolated, so all they would really have had to do was kill everyone, burn the house down, and bury the remains there.


Did like seeing more Cabe/Walter stuff again.


Not a fan of the plot about Paige's ex trying to get back into the game, and take them to Portland, because, come on.  Katherine McPhee and the kid aren't going anywhere.  No suspense here.

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So now doesn't their loft need to be abandoned for someplace new?  The powerful bad guys might arrange payback.

Yeah, it seems like their workspace has been breached a few times by now and I'm wondering why they just go back there, clean up the mess and carry on. I mean, I get it's a TV episode so at the end everything must be hunky dory, but some big complex conspiracy network arranging assassinations and special elections has more people than just two mooks in a car chase. But sure, fix your video game and smile, everything's fine. No need to fear for your lives or anything, because it's been 44 minutes of action so everything resets. Mmmhmm.

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They could move to Stanford or Berkeley, then bad guys looking for "those meddling geniuses that are ruining our plan" would get all confused. Meanwhile, Ralph could enroll as a freshman. Hilarity ensues.

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This show is cute, then it's not, then it is, then it's not.  I think I like about as many things as I don't like, which makes watching interesting.


I didn't get the obsession with the specific video game.  I didn't even recognize the name and I hung around video game places in the 80s quite a bit. 

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A little peeve: Walter having to tell the team "You figure out how they built the bomb, you analyze the software," or whatever.  These people know their specialties.  It feels as if the writers have to keep reminding us that Walter is the team leader.  It would be more realistic to me if they chime in "I'll do X" etc. and Walter would occasionally say "The most important thing is Y, do that first."

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Finally got around to watching the latest episode.  I saw the boat explosion coming a mile off.  Knew a video game was in the box.


Ex husband is planning on using Ralph to better his chances to get back into baseball, the same thing that broke up his marriage in the first place.  Some people never learn.


Cabe is still in love with his ex wife.  She's still attracted to him, too.


Aw, Cabe being upset that Walter almost died and is now a target is nice.


When finding their shop has been trashed:  "What happened?"  "They're on to us."  You think?  I wouldn't mind them getting a new place, this one is kind of stark and ugly.


Note to bad guys:  If you're gonna buy a new boat hose and don't want to be found out, yes, use cash, but buy the part out of state.


Rebecca:  "It's killing me to be here."  Cabe:  "This is the safest place."  Yeah, right.  And sure Rebecca, go outside now.  No one will ever think to look for you at your former home.


When hiding out, and knowing that the bad guys have a lot of motive and a ton of resources, does no one watches the windows?  They don't see a car pulling up, tires being slashed, or Rebecca being kidnapped.  Why didn't she yell before she was put in the back seat?  She had to have time when they were accosting her and putting a gag on her.  They should have used chloroform, she wouldn't wake up for at least five minutes and they could have quietly pulled away.  (Since hearing cars, opening car doors, and shutting them again is so quiet when you're in the middle of nowhere and supposedly alert for sounds that could mean the bad guys have found you.)


Enjoyed the pit maneuver.  Good thing that geniuses are so good at estimating inches, angles, and have such good eye-hand coordination at 60+ mph.


"Ralph is my priority.  I'm just trying to do right by the kid."  Sorry, but although I think that having Ralph live with him, and still have Ralph have a relationship with Walter (who can give Ralph more advice that might be advantageous to his father), I think I've decided that bio-dad is just being a charming user.  He speaks of his son as 'the kid'. 


I'm guessing that bio-dad is trying to charm everyone to get what he wants, but if that doesn't pan out and he still wants Ralph, he's going to use all the information he's gathering to try to get custody.  "Your honor, my ex wife is hanging out with a group of people who are wonderful, but they're putting my son in danger.  I had to pull him out of school one day to keep him safe when bad guys were running amok and killing congressmen, kidnapping women, and having shootouts on the highway where any innocent person might have been injured or killed!  I don't want future bad guys going after my son because of my wife's dangerous new job."  Whisper to Paige "You know, if you and Ralph join me in Portland, I'll drop this whole thing and Ralph can still have some contact with Uncle Walter, as long as I can supervise their contact.  What do you say?"


Not that I wouldn't mind Ralph going to spend the summer with dad, and when he comes back a new actor takes his place.  I'm not feeling Ralph.


Am I the only one wondering if Rebecca's daughter was fathered by Cabe?  Maybe not, but Cabe says he last heard from Rebecca 15 years ago and her daughter is 17.  When did they split up?  Could he have punished himself for pushing Rebecca away by divorcing her when he found out she was preggers again (and there's also the guilt after daughter Amanda's death), and their last contact was when he signed papers so Rebecca's new husband could adopt the second daughter?  Just wondering.

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I can sort of see the ex using his knowledge to force a custody dispute because, you know, TV. But, I hope they don't go there. Because really, there is no way in hell that he would ever, ever want custody. He can't even handle visitation without supervision. If I was the mom, I'd let him take custody, secure in the knowledge that my boy would be back in my care inside of a week.

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I'm pretty new to this show and really enjoying it, but I'm having a hard time with my suspension of disbelief on certain things, such as: Scorpion's ability to hack any computer network at any time, any place, in matter of seconds, getting satellite imagery and  security footage of anything at any time. I dont think every security camera in the world is connected online. Also, I don't understand why the LAPD isn't brought in immediately when they are dealing with criminals. I can understand that these geniuses can do the genius work, but why they are out there car chasing and trying to get the bad guys down when we have outfits like NCIS and who knows what else out there, is beyod me.

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