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The Twilight Series

Pickles Aplenty
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Well, here it is eight years after I posted this thread, and I have a confession to make: I finally started reading the books, and...I'm kind of enjoying them?  Maybe?

I have no excuse for this.  I am a middle aged woman, I have no kids, and I know the books are trash.  However, with everything going on in the world right now, I can't deny that Twilight has been the corny distraction I really need.  I'm WAY late to the party, but oh well.  That's the way it usually is with me, I never read or see anything when I'm supposed to. 

So, opinions: I don't like Bella, but I don't hate her.  I kind of like Edward, even though he is a creep.  Jacob is likable, but I might change my mind once I get to Eclipse (I'm nearly finished with New Moon).  The rest of the Cullens are okay, but I haven't learned much about them yet.  I'm old, so I think Charlie is actually the hottest dude in the series.  The true hero is Lauren, though, the bitchy girl in Bella's high school friend group.  She doesn't like Bella, and Bella never wonders why, she just comments on how mean Lauren is.  But then Bella will admit straight up that she doesn't care about her boring human friends, and it's hilarious how Bella lacks so much self-awareness.  Lauren can see right through Bella's bullshit, and it is beautiful, lol.

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