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Tara Ariano

S02.E05: Skullduggery

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1 hour ago, Ghost Recon said:

Please post your own opinions of what I should do next.   I assure you I will be paying close attention to posts on this forum;

Dude, I don't know if you're for real, but why don't you hire a good lawyer instead of posting here about it? We really can't help you.

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On 11/30/2014 at 0:44 AM, RadioActiveRich said:

Here's my synopsis of the episode. Dad has two worthless sons that he indulges too much. They never learn any skills. Dad buys a business and hires sons. Sons still act like boobs. Dad decides to slowly siphon off cash as the business is converted into a debtor business that his sons continue to operate. Dad figures if they make it... great! If they don't .... they're bums anyway. I think dad's balking at the deal points is an obvious sign that the reason the business is "losing" money is because he's drawing it down to unprofitable at his son's expense. It's a scam and Marcus was smart to bolt. Still ... love the show! ;)

RadioActiveRich - You must be a genius of Einstein caliber.    How did you know?   So very right on.  I'm the founder of Skullduggery, Inc. so I know.   If Marcus had taken over, I'm sure I would have been paid by now 30+ years later!!!  It's now summer, 2017.   Skullduggery, Inc. management still owes me $784,000.00 plus interest and increasing by $500.00 a week.   Their mounting debt to me was never mentioned in the show.    I did all the work and took all the risk.  The Koehl "buisness (sic) geniuses" trashed my product line of fossil skull replicas and allowed others to take over the market   The Koehls have still never paid me!!!!  They have siphoned off profits as bonuses to family members and one sided dividends to daddy only, leaving me out entirely.    I nearly starved to death homeless and no income during the years I waited patiently for daddy to keep his promises to pay me, "very soon".    It was the handout food at the Salem Oregon Rescue Mission that saved my life.  No thanks to the Koehl family.   I have only contempt for the Koehl family and their ilk.   https://www.facebook.com/Skullduggery-Inc-1527359324236475/   

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I was reading some of these old posts.  I was a little lost by the conversation.  I had seen every episode, but I forgot about them so essentially I haven't seen them.  I'm buying a couple of the more dramatic "trainwreck" episodes a la carte on Amazon.com.  Re-watching Skullduggery now and you can just tell from the start that it won't go well.  The brothers just have such piss poor "I'm the boss, nobody tells me to do anything" attitudes.  It was obvious how the Nascar meeting would go from the point where Marcus first brought it up.  It was obvious they didn't want to deal with Nascar, and they're immature, so there was no way it would shape up.  It was still appalling the way the guy talked to the Nascar fellow.  You could just sense a stunned look on his face as he never expected this kind of response from some small potatoes pissant toy company, so he was caught off guard.  Like, he's thinking "we are a mutlibillion dollar huge brand... why am I going to try to sell ourselves to this nobody???"  He didn't know how to react, but he didn't want to lose his composure, so he just kinda stumbled.


Still an interesting show, and I'm gonna rewatch 240Sweet next.

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