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12 hours ago, Frozendiva said:

A thousand days of love in a 25 year marriage is just over 3 years' worth. What did Doug and Julie do for the other 22?

Maggie's dress was nice. Nicole's looked more like going to dinner black dress. The red dress was wildly inappropriate.

Brady isn't a bit suspicious about Nicole's behavior and interest in him? And maligning Eric as much as she can?

At least Victor got to sit in a new chair today.

Gabi, your plan may blow up in your face. And seriously, you left those super-high pumps on at the DiMera mansion? No one ever takes their shoes off?

Loved your post, FrozenDiva, but that sentence about Victor is especially hilarious!

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Dammit, I was waiting for Gabi to respond to Chloe's "Was it good for you, too?" with "Yeah, it was great."

When has Brady ever turned down what a woman was offering?

Don't medical records indicate the date and time that they were modified?

I wonder how Kristen gets all of that hair up under that mask.

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Spoilers are not allowed in this thread. Period. Any posts that include spoilers (and casting information qualifies) will be removed. There are several other threads that allow spoilers so take that discussion to one of them.

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