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S03.E01: Enough Nemesis To Go Around

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I'm a fan of both versions of Sherlock and I like seeing how the two shows blend sometimes.  I think Joan's response to Sherlock's disappearance and reappearance was adult and fairly reasonable after her initial anger (on Sherlock Watson's response is much more emotional and maybe over the top for humor reasons).   When we left her last season, all she wanted was her own place and some boundaries and Sherlock went all extreme on her--one note, 8 months gone without contact, their partnership he alledgedly valued above all else seemingly forgotten.  I don't blame her for being cool.  And I suspect Gregson's coolness was a bit on her behalf.  Plus she had to shut down her hurt a bit.  That's how she deals, right?  She loses a patient, she withdraws from her profession, Liam disappoints her and she channels her hurt into helping other people in a very controlled way. 


And I like that Joan couldn't quite solve the case on her own.  She's not as good as Sherlock and that's fine.  I never expected her to be.  One of his major qualities is the speed he works at and how fast he makes connections.  Watson was never shown to be incredibly fast, just hard working and patient and brave.  Her ability to stick with a case for 6 months and not give up is impressive. 


So long as the show keeps them working together, I'm in.  I like the dynamic and the conversations and the friendshp a lot. 


And I can't wait for Sherlock to give Andrew a once over.  He'll be worse than any mother hen.   

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One thing I thought was painful was that Sherlock talked about how he didn't miss her, he missed their mentor-student relationship. I thought that was kind of mean - he was basically saying, I don't really miss YOU personally; I'll just rebuild that kind of relationship with someone else. But as this season goes on and he reconnects with Joan, I'm hoping that Sherlock will realize that he did miss Joan as a person, as a friend and confidante, and that that relationship cannot be recreated. He can create something else, he can be a mentor, but each relationship is different and special (or disastrous, or frustrating, or wonderful) in its own way. What he has with Kitty can be rewarding, but it will not be the same as what he had with Joan.

Sinkwriter (love that handle!  Although I don't get it), I like your analysis here.  Because I do think Kitty can be a good thing if she's treated as more than just a "fresher" Watson.  Sherlock really IS a good teacher, although it is fun to see him learn as well.  I liked him learning how to break into Alfonso's cars for example. 


One thing I feel Lucy Liu does really well is listen in scenes, so yeah, she was cool in her apartment despite his utterly adorable effort, but I also felt she heard his comments and was less insulted by the I've recreated our former dynamic and paid more attention to his fears of using and and failing in front of her.  Shame isn't a good thing ot have between friends. 

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It doesn't specify if "Central Park" includes the area near the Brownstone (if that's where it is, I mean), or if that's why Brooklyn is cited.

This source claims though: http://cbselementary.../The_Brownstone


The house consists of at least four floors, including a basement,[1] and a terrace on the roof. The roof has a view of Queensboro Bridge and Manhattan, and is also where Sherlock keeps his bees.[2]

Note that they say the ROOF is what has the view of the Queensboro Bridge and Manhattan though, not from the street. But it's called "Queensboro Bridge" for a reason--it's in Queens (the neighborhood is Long Island City), not Brooklyn.  There is the odd Brownstone street there, I think, but it's certainly not where I would have pegged them having him living.



That link has at least one error in it. It says that Joan's room is on the 2nd floor, but it has to be on the top floor, because, as I posted in the Brownstone thread, honey from the rooftop apiary has dripped into her room at one point. 


Big Bad Wolf is right - the rooftop (and interiors) are shot at Silvercup - but it has been mentioned in the show the brownstone is indeed in Brooklyn.

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I have been binge-watching this show the last couple of weeks, having been disappointed in the Sherlock series, especially its last season. Some comments in the Sherlock forums prompted me to try Elementary.

It is a pleasure to watch fine actors and the growth of their on-screen relationships. Just watched this episode this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so lovely when Sherlock figured out the murders looking around the hotel bathroom, moving from sitting on the toilet seat to sitting on the shower bench, glancing down to assess the size of the bench, a glance that Joan didn't catch. And the next day he laid out the murder method for her, saying the size of the electromagnet was not made to scale in the diorama, but that it would be the size of a small keg of beer.

He could figure it out because he had some twenty years more general and specific knowledge about all kinds of stuff, so he could theorize about things she had no knowledge of. Once he shared that specific knowledge, she had the deductive ability to figure the rest out. I love that he held back about his obviously knowing about the hiding place so she could figure it out herself and he never let on to her that he already knew. I had the impression that she never felt "led" to the hiding place by him. 

Her anger with him is also very understandable to me. During an episode in Season 2, he apologizes for something, and she says, basically, yes you do sincerely apologize, but it always AFTER you have done something to get exactly what you wanted. This dynamic gets real old real fast.

I had more to say, but decided I would rather watch the next episode.

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