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S05.E16: While You Were Sleeping

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Elana, while trapped in her dorm by Liv's spell, tries to piece together what Katherine did while inhabiting her body. The rest of the gang searches for a cure for the Ripper Virus that has infected both Elana and Damon.

Guys? I really like this show. I know I'm going to say it every week, but this show just moves plot along so fast. I feel like any other show would have had Elana sick with the virus for weeks, like it would be a 4 episode arc at the bare minimum and I really appreciate how this show doesn't do that. I'm not always thrilled with the direction a plot goes but I always like that it goes there quickly. Now on to wondering what Liv and her brother want and what their game plan is. So exciting! Also are Elana and Damon really over? I highly doubt it. They also seem to be dropping more Caroline and Stephan hints. Do we think they're going to end up hooking up? I kind of do.

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