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S02.E05: Will

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I don't understand why people think Margaret's maiden name was Langston. Her father was a foreman at the factory named Anderson. Fred mentioned "Grandpa Anderson" at one point, that would be Margaret's father. She grew up around the factory and eventually married a Langston (who would be Henry and Fred's father). There has been nothing shown to indicate she was born a Langston.


Thanks!  I don't recall hearing that.  Since she was in the factory as a child, I was one of the ones who made the (incorrect) Langston assumption.  I feel better now. :)



edited to include quote since I turned the page.

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Sigh.   I think I may just "let go" of this show.


Barbara said she thought they were being given a second chance.   So why does everyone fall right into the same old patterns of behavior.  How come no one comes back and says, "Hey, they didn't have pole-dancing when I died.   I think I'll give that a whirl, woo-hoo!"   Instead they're all maudlin and introspective and no fun to be around.

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