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The McCarthys

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This wasn't as strong as episode 2 for me, but I did like that it gave time to all the family and not solely Ronnie (who I like). I await the episode where Gerard and his dad face off in a game and sides are chosen. And of course, Laurie Metcalf continues to shine and steal every scene she is in.


I like this show. I'll enjoy the 6 episodes it gets before it's cancelled. Is that being optimistic?

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Decent epidode I like this show but don't know if it will survive. The cast has a good chemistry and comedic timing. Tyler looks so much like his dad, especially when he makes certain facial expressions it is eerie. It is lIke looking at John when he was young.

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I'm still liking this show, but it was weaker for me this week. I'm beginning to think the daughter is quickly becoming an extraneous character and Ronny is the main focus though.

To me, it seems like tall brother is the one that hasn't really found his place in the show yet.

Again, this series is still finding it's feet, and CBS is one of the better networks at giving sitcoms time to grow, so I hope it gets the time and I hope it improves. This show is "decent" for a sitcom airing in 2014, and has the DNA (in terms of cast and premise) to be better than some shows that have gotten decent runs on the network (Rules Of Engagement, Yes Dear) recently.

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Heh, that's Joey MacIntyre's real accent for sure. He's from Dorchester and has always sounded like that. I was impressed by the other tall brother's accent too. The rest, not so much. (Laurie Metcalfe isn't even trying, bless her. Then again, she doesn't have to.) I'm glad they are doing the Boston accent because why bother setting it there if not. As someone from just outside Providence, it also cracked me up how much drama there was about favored son actually moving there..a whole hour away. That's so typical of the area's smallness though--everything more than 20 minutes is "fah" (read: far).


And joining in the chorus of marveling how much Ritter Jr. looks like his dad (and his brother Jason). I still miss John Ritter. He was a gem.


The writing is really rough and hackneyed, so it's amazing how much better this show is than it probably could've been. The cast is all pretty capable but Laurie and Joey are my faves. They manage to really sell it. The laugh track is killing me though. If they won't get rid of it, cause it's a multi-cam, I wish they'd at least turn it down about 12 decibels.

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Joey's actually from West Roxbury, not Dorchester.  I was just listening to him on a podcast and it was really important to him that people make the distinction  ;)


The Big twin guy is from Beverly, which isn't exactly a hotspot for "the accent," but he certainly nails it.  

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Well, I like this show; so I'm in. And I love Laurie Metcalf. God help me, I don't even mind the laugh track.

"If you call yourself, 'Pop Pop' I'm putting you in a home!"


"Goodbye bone density!"

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I am enjoying this show. I love the parents and the boys together, but I feel like the daughter is extraneous and could be written out without any problem. Also, it's disconcerting that her name is "Jackie," because that makes me think of "Jackie" from "Roseanne." Maybe now that she's going to move in upstairs that will make her feel like a bigger part of the family, because right now, the chemistry is between the brothers and the parents.


I thought it was pretty funny that the whole family got into doing everything that was on the "No" list for Jackie's pregnancy, even "Buzzkill" Ronny, or however they referred to him. The twins are hilarious together.

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But I was hoping at the ultrasound they would inexplicably discover she really wasn't pregnant , not liking that storyline.


That's what I was hoping for too. The set-up is weird: Jackie has a one-night stand with her father's assistant coach (so presumably he's not an old fart), who then dies of a heart attack (yes, I know that young people die of heart attacks), and shortly thereafter, she reveals she's pregnant. Plus, she kept saying "in nine months." Honey, if you know you're pregnant, you're already at least one month into the pregnancy. And the way they kept talking about her taking on extra jobs to save for the baby. Did it occur to her that once the baby comes, she won't be able to get back to all those jobs at once?


I'm assuming the McCarthy's are good Irish Catholics, but they're pretty accepting of their gay son and their unwed-mother-to-be daughter. Maybe she'll go upstairs a la Chuck Cunningham, and we'll never see her again. I don't think the character works with the rest of the family.

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Are they really going to introduce an obnoxious fiancee? I like this show, but the sister barely fits in as it is, her pregnancy even less so, and now a nasty fiancee? Come on, show. Tighten it up.


I liked how Ronny kept making things worse every time he opened his mouth. 

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My family has never been larger than me+1, so this whole dynamic of insult/embarrass/hurt/forgive=love seems as strange to me as that SNL family where they're all French kissing each other all the time.

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My family has never been larger than me+1, so this whole dynamic of insult/embarrass/hurt/forgive=love seems ...


Yes, families do that all the time. I didn't think the siblings were doing anything particularly insulting to the others, and I kept getting a kick out of Gerard telling how much he was enjoying the drama of Ronny/Jackie/Tommy.


I thought Ronny and Tommy made a nice couple. I was wracking my brain, trying to figure out where I knew him from. There were no listings yet up on IMDB or CBS, when it occurred to me -- he was on a sitcom that aired over the summer on NBC. I can't remember the name of it, and I only watched it On Demand, but he played a sensitive bar owner who becomes roommates with that big Italian-looking guy with greasy hair whose character was all macho and tough. The female half of the engaged couple on that CBS sitcom was his sister.... 


And the Internet is wonderful! I remembered that Patrick Warburton was in that CBS sitcom. That led to its name ("Rules of Engagement"), which led to the actress's name (Bianca Kajlich), which led to the NBC sitcom ("Undateable" [which was apparently renewed for a second season]), which led to the main character (Chris D'Elia) and the bar owner (Brent Morin). Brent Morin played Tommy, Jackie's ex-boyfriend and Ronny's current.


Anyway, I was kind of sorry the family was so crazy that Tommy and Ronny broke up. I thought Rick Fox was funny. Interesting to see him with "normal" sized actors after his appearance on "Big Bang Theory" with tiny Bernadette.


They kept making a big deal about it being Gerad's birthday -- it's Sean's birthday too. What did Gerard get Sean? I'm really digging how Sean is a good-hearted big ol' puppy dog (like a Golden Retriever).


I also wasn't a fan of Marjorie making a fool out of herself over Tommy and Rick Fox. In the pilot, they kind of made her out to be a prude (she didn't even want to hold hands with her husband in front of the children), but now she's flirting with every guy she meets?


Jackie's still not working for me. Her cluelessness about how a baby will change her life (even in Sitcomlandia) really bugs me. 

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I didn't care for the Christmas episode. Alyson Hannigan was awful and completely unnecessary. I think she was there only to give Sean a partner at the end. I don't understand why she was the tenant at all. Didn't they say the upstairs apartment was empty in an earlier episode, and that Jackie could move in?

The fiancee was hideous, again. I was hoping they'd drop her. If the show lasts, I hope they break up her and Gerard.

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Just did a marathon of this show and watched the last 3 episodes. I give in. I accept it. I like it. The cast is gelling for me and it feels more like an ensemble with Laurie Metcalf shepherding them together. Which works for me. Even the fiancee didn't annoy me in the Christmas episode. And I like that Ronnie has a love life. I'm sticking with it.

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I'm sticking with it.


Sadly, I'm not sure CBS will. I think it's rated as a pretty sure bet for cancellation.


And I like that Ronnie has a love life.


So do I, but I think my favorite brother is Sean.


To me, the best episode to date was the one where the family did everything on Jackie's forbidden list.

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Now that the writing is on the wall for this show...I'm actually sad that it's ending.  It has slowly gotten better. 


Whoever thought of Laurie Metcalfe and Jane Kasmerick as sisters is brilliant. 

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What? No discussion about CBS pulling the 1/22 episode and replacing it with a BBT rerun?  And did it so late that my TiVo listings still had the McCatrhys episode description listed.  This show was not the greatest, but not the worst by a long shot either.

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I enjoyed the most recent episode. I like that Ronnie is getting dates without any "gay" drama. There's plenty of drama, all right, but it involves the whole family. I was a little disappointed that Ronnie's fantasy of dating a "bad boy" included him being a girl. That's too stereotypical, and I liked that Doug appeared to be surprised, because he struck me as not being the drama queen that the gay "community" has pretty much decreed all gay men must be (because, somehow, masculine gay men must all have "internalized homophobia").


Sean the big twin continues to delight me. He's dim, but not stupid, and he gets some good one-liners in. This is the first episode I thought that Jackie really meshed with the rest of the family. Even the fiancee didn't bother me as much, although going for the schtick that she's an unrelenting selfish bitch is tired and not funny. Loved Laurie Metcalfe's interactions with her at the front door.

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I'm sorry to read about the show's cancellation. I enjoyed it, and I think it would have found its legs. It's interesting that the numbers show "The McCarthys" was actually more successful than many other sitcoms out there.


CBS will replace "The McCarthys" with repeats of "The Big Bang Theory" for the next two weeks, whereupon the Thursday night lineup will shift around to accommodate a reboot of "The Odd Couple" starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon.


I'm sure (*rolls eyes*) the new "Odd Couple" will be a success, because there's nothing like destroying a classic sitcom to try and resuscitate an old sitcom actor's career. Seriously, has Matthew Perry had any success in shows since "Friends"? (Besides, "Friends" already played with the "Odd Couple" trope, except Chandler was Felix and Joey was Oscar.) 

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CBS Summer episode burn-off arrives:


Saturday July 4

Sat, 7/04, 9:00 PM 30 min
"Gerard's Engagement Party"
New, 7/04/2015, Comedy, Sports, Situation Comedy
The McCarthys must celebrate Gerard and Katrina's engagement sans Gerard after he boards the wrong Boston Harbor Cruise ship, leaving Marjorie to try and bond with her future daughter-in-law, while Arthur and Jackie dispute her baby's conception.


Sat, 7/04, 9:30 PM 30 min
"Cutting the Cord"
New, 7/04/2015, Comedy, Sports, Situation Comedy
The McCarthys place a family wager on who can remain independent the longest after they come to the realization that they are each very dependent of one another; in the meantime, Jackie attempts to keep her pregnancy a secret from her date.


Saturday July 11

Sat, 7/11, 9:00 PM 30 min
"Family Therapy"
New, 7/11/2015, Comedy, Sports, Situation Comedy
Upon finding out that Ronny speaks with a therapist, the McCarthys decide to invade one of his therapy sessions and use the time to voice their frustrations about one another.


Sat, 7/11, 9:30 PM 30 min
"End Games"
New, 7/11/2015, Comedy, Sports, Situation Comedy
When Marjorie and Arthur begin to consider which of their children should be named the executor of their Will, the McCarthy children set out to one-up each other in an attempt to prove they are the most responsible one.

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When my DVR picked the past two episodes, I realized it must be their summer burn-off. They were OK. Still don't like the fiancee, but I did like seeing Ronnie and Gerard have some time together. Sean continues to be a hidden gem. The daughter still doesn't work for me.


I was sad to see that Jean Smart is starting to get "Hollywood face." It looks like she's had a lot of work done. 

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