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Unspoiled Speculation

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Since the word has recently come down about the cut to13 episodes for the season, maybe this season sets up the coming of The Rising Darkness and Hypothetical Season 2 is about the fight against it?  Not that Constantine isn't trying to defeat Darkness as is, just that Papa Midnight seemed to imply that regardless the number of thumbs John had in the metaphorical dike, it burst and The Rising Darkness has arrived on our plane.


Granted, it was Papa Midnight, but it was during a truce both were actively honoring.

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I just read the Mike Carey run where

John is getting all sorts of hints about this canine figure that lurks in the shadows and seems to be getting ready to do something terrible... however, it turns out that the dog is a guardian figure that has kept to the shadows and all the hints were set up to trick John into taking this guardian out for a greater scheme

. It would be interesting if they did something similar for the Rising Darkness. That is if a second season happens.

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