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I discovered this series existed on Friday. By Saturday night, I binged the whole thing. It's now Wednesday and I haven't stopped crying because there are no new episodes to look forward to. I have two questions:

1. How is it humanly possible that I never heard of this show? I signed up for a free HBOGo trial, was browsing through the series and went "Oh look! Laurie Metcalf! I love her! I'll give this a try!" having no idea I was about to get blown away

2. 3 seasons? 6 episodes each? Yet Walking Dead is on its 800th season? Why? Why is life like this? Why does the universe hate me? What did I do? 


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I finally got the chance to sit down and start watching the third season, and this episode was the perfect treat! 

My favorite moments: 

- Dawn's little smirk while wheeling her patient down the hallway and saying that she feels sorry for anyone who isn't married while passing Patsy. 

- Everything about the scenes between Jenna and Mr. Doctors Without Borders. 

- Jenna demonstrating the anal horn.

- "How many other rectums have you inadvertently penetrated?" 

I adore Dawn's reaction to the whole thing....her face says so much with just a look. 

- Didi's line about the history books all being written by men because the women were off getting the work done. 

- Everything about Dawn and Jenna at the computer, especially Jenna talking about how the patient's test results were so bad..."she could blow any minute!"

- Jenna and Suzie Sasso sitting in each other's laps in the bathroom cracked me up. 

- Giggled like an idiot at Didi yelling at the dog for licking up the vomit. 

I'm also realizing just how good the actor who plays Patsy is, mostly because I hate Patsy with a burning passion. Him being all smug while Dawn cried made me want to slap him. Ugh. That's talent. =) 

The best thing about this episode for me was Jenna and Suzi teaming up to put Stickley in his place. Just awesome. Loved Jenna's little speech to him. 

Laurie Metcalf is absolutely brilliant....watching her play this character so beautifully is so much fun. 

I really like the idea that we "should be  ashamed to die until we score some victory for humanity....and time's a wastin'."

So true. 

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I'm really late to this, but this episode made me tear up AND laugh out loud. 

Loved the pony song...it came completely out of left field and was perfect. 

I really felt for Didi and all the family drama, but I think she absolutely did the right thing. 

Poor Dawn....I'm worried about her and really want her to be okay. I still hate Patsy, but seeing some genuine affection and chemistry between him and Dawn for a change was sweet....I thought the dancing was cute. 

The patient Mrs. Stein was so sweet, and Jenna's reaction to her death was touching in her own unique, odd, slightly obsessive way. Her expression right after she realized her patient was dead cracked me up though. That open mouth sort of "oops" thing. 

Also, Jenna talking to the patient with the eating disorder about Mrs. Stein and then making a sad face and sticking her bottom lip out into a pout when discussing the patient being unwilling to eat killed me dead. So funny! 

Loved that Didi had her daughter come in and talk to the patient after her conversation with her. Didi is such a gem with a huge heart. 

And Ms. Birdie's reaction to the bird in the beginning...."I have to take care of it?"


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Just got around to finishing this episode....what an ending! But also, the biggest punch in the gut of the episode for me: 

“What I’m afraid of Jenna, is I think you’ve lost a piece of your soul.” 

So heartbreaking and beautifully acted, and then Jenna’s reaction....Laurie Metcalf has the most expressive face. 

Just wow. 

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Just now finished the show, and wow, what a wonderful finale. I feel as though I’ve said goodbye to old friends. 

I loved them all coming together to deal with the fire as a team. When Ron came around that corner shirtless while carrying Jenna, I giggled liked an idiot. So well done. 

I was happy to see Dawn finally appreciating the people in her life, and that Didi was the last face we saw at the door. I was hoping that Richard would show up to see Jenna off, though. 

And Jenna’s last words to Dawn made me tear up: 

“There is no justice, but there is mercy. Because that’s what we can give to each other.” 

Just beautiful. 

I’m going to miss this show so much! 

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On 2/22/2018 at 12:10 AM, SparklesBitch said:

Just now finished the show, and wow, what a wonderful finale. I feel as though I’ve said goodbye to old friends. 

One of my all time favorite shows. I'm re-watching now, starting from the beginning. It holds up.

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