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46 minutes ago, shanndee said:

I have only found evidence of "Klingons"

Ha!  I'm storing that one away in ye olde memory bank.

46 minutes ago, shanndee said:

And your second point is spot on. Hubby and I have tried to add more wet food to her diet, but she is a bit of a weirdo and much prefers kibble. Maybe I'll add water to her whole portion, not just half.

Dry food decreases overall water intake (since many cats don't drink enough to supplement), and is higher in carbs (cats' ideal diet is high protein, moderate fat, low carb, and dry food is consistently - often overwhelmingly - higher in carbs than ideal), so canned or raw food is best, but the best food in the world is useless if the cat won't eat it.  Just do as best you can, and add moisture (water added to food, supplementing/replacing regular water bowls with drinking fountains if running water is enticing, etc.) when you can.  Basically, just get your cat eating the healthiest food she'll actually eat, and let it go.  Diet is important, but only goes so far.

46 minutes ago, shanndee said:

I was a bit concerned about how quickly they administered the second antibiotic. The culture was only about 7 days after the completion of the first course.

No, that's good - seven days should be adequate time for an accurate culture, assuming a total gap in treatment between antibiotic one and antibiotic two, so treating based on that seven-days-out culture is indeed the way to go.  She's in good hands.

46 minutes ago, shanndee said:

I wonder if being a tripod causes her to "sit" while in the box more than the average cat would?

It's certainly possible; which leg is missing?

46 minutes ago, shanndee said:

Do you have any strong feelings about clumping clay litter vs. something more naturally based like corn?

I don't, especially as it concerns UTIs.  There are certainly drawbacks to the former and benefits to the latter, but the overwhelming majority of cats do just fine with the clumping clay - but, yes, may have transition (although probably not permanent) issues with a switch, so you don't want to add another variable in the midst of treating an illness.

46 minutes ago, shanndee said:

Again, thank you so much! I was really beginning to think we had done something wrong with her.

You're welcome, and not at all!  In a lifetime of cat ownership and helping friends/family care for their cats (with the concomitant research as issues arose), I've had most with nary a UTI, several with a one-off, and two with a recurring problem.  All were managed.  Honestly, when a urinary problem is the result of an identified bacteria (the best of the possible causes, because of ease and effectiveness of treatment), you're good -- it may take some extra doses or an antibiotic switch, but it will get straightened out.  Chelsea - and you - will be fine.

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Girl Cat is prone to UTIs and the vet has emphasized keeping her regular, so she gets Myralax in her wet food. She also has a Butt Comb (TM) I use to clean off her fluffy pantaloons when litter or whatnot gets stuck.

Girl Cat demands to know who dares disturb her slumber:


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@ABay , Girl Cat is most displeased at the prospect of being the poster child for UTI treatment options! 😉 😄 

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