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This thread is self-explanatory. Show us the non-humans who live with you and require you to drop large sums on vet care at inopportune times!

I have two dogs and two cats. The dogs are little, but I promise that they're well-trained and non-yappy. No stereotypical little monsters here!

Papillon, Crystal. Smarter than many people I know, including all YouTube commenters:


Alaskan Klee Kai, Casper. Everyone thinks they want him, but they do not actually want him because he is an asshole:


I also have two cats -- Lily and Fynne, orange tabby sisters I adopted from the humane society.



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Really? :)   (Also, I don't care if Alaskan Klee Kais are assholes. I still want them.)

Here's a few of my cat, Bug. The first two are kitten pics from fall 2011; last is spring 2013. I don't really have more recent pictures because obviously you take more pictures of kittens than of fat old cats.

http://i.imgur.com/w5N24ib.jpg  http://i.imgur.com/lq1M5SC.jpg http://i.imgur.com/yUEA8iK.jpg

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Dave, even though you don't know me and I don't think we'd ever actually interacted until you started this forum, I was happy for you when you finally got a dog. Dogs are the best, even though they take all your money and shed all over everything.

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First we have Jack (Jackdog) my 14 year old Beagle/Shepherd/Chow mix, he's deaf, mostly blind and still the biggest spaz in the land. He almost knocked himself out last night trying to make a leap onto the deck while running at full speed. He's constantly scaring me because he acts like he's about 4 years old and doesn't realize he can hurt himself. Last year I thought he was dying because he wouldn't move or walk and I took him to the emergency vet, turns out he had pulled something running and was just afraid to walk. He's very timid but also the most lovable furbaby ever. I got him from the pound and he's my longest relationship. I've had him through single life, marriage, divorce and a second marriage (that one's still going). His newest trick is that he makes what can only be described as the Predator Noise when he wants a treat. I have video I'll try to upload later. 


Then we have Charlie, who my (current) husband and I rescued from the side of the road. He was a teeny puppy and had mange so bad his ear was green. It was disgusting. The plan was to quarantine him, get him healthy and find him a new home... we got the first two parts right. Stupid adorable puppy stole our hearts, and like I said he was teeny, maybe 5 pounds and his feet were SMALL, totally proportionate... well that was 11 years ago, now we have an 85 pound rottweiler mix who thinks he's a lap dog. This is what happens in my house when you're trying to do the laundry. Someone likes to be comfortable ok?


Charlie has an adopted cat mom (the black and white one) named Zooey (14 years old) and Zooey's daughter Buddy (9 years old). They think the bed is theirs. It's terrible. (and the picture is terrible, sorry for poor image quality!) 


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Right?! I have no idea why/how he started doing it but it's kind of hilarious and adorable so I reinforce it by giving him treats now... he's 14 I basically give him whatever he wants whenever he wants it at this point.

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This is Seymore, he is a part Siamese and SUPER vocal. He is 16 & has no teeth. He fetches like a dog and he is my attention whore who will eat anything. I love this picture because he looks like he's evil and plotting to kill us all when in reality he's a total sweetie.


Here's Chloe, she is a Manx & nothing fascinates her more than Seymore's tail. She is 3 and the pose in the picture is how she loves to sit on my husband (who is her favorite person). She has recently realized that if she expands her fan base she'll get petted more often so that leads to several minutes of her getting all comfy in your lap only to realize that she must get up RIGHT NOW. Many scratches and cursing ensues. She's a CAT and she wants to make sure you know it.


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Yay! I love a good excuse to stare at pictures of people's pets!

I never really wanted a cat, but I sort of had one thrust upon me. My parents took him when his owner died and no one else wanted him. They have their hands full with their dogs, so I took pity on him. He's ornery, high maintenance, and frankly, the smelly kid a lot of the time, but...


...he's kind of ADORABLE. His name is Chester B. Arthur, because the best animal names have layers. (The "B" stands for Battle-cat.)

But my favorite picture is this one...


Because he gives the best bitch face.

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That's Wilford Brimley from The Thing!

Ah! I totally forgot until you mentioned it, but when I first got him, whenever he would enter a room, my sister would say "Di-a-beet-us!" and then laugh hysterically to herself. It's the little things.

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Videos of my cats, who apparently have been watching Maru videos when I'm out of the house:

The Siamese girl is Sumi; the little black cat is Kage, alternately known as Happy Fun Cat for his cheerful personality. Kage was about 5-6 months old in the videos, and is much bigger now.

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*SQUEES* Animal pictures! Okay here's Stormageddon: The Oncoming Fury aka Stormie. She appeared in my back yard one day. She was just this tiny ball of white fur.  I had an aging cat at the time that I was beginning to question if it was time to make that trip to the vet to say farewell. She kept hanging out in my yard and I saw no signs of a mama or a litter. After 3 days I caved in and with the aid of some kibble brought her in. She barely weighed a pound and one eye was completely crusted shut. I took her to the vet to get checked out.Turns out she's a Siamese Tortie. Stormie got me through the passing of my senior cat & a year and a half later pretty much runs the show.

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THIS^ is why I like you guys. You are the first person to get why I named her Stormaggedon without me having to explain it.

Here's a shot of her bowtie. Of course it's Tardis blue.


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Here's a link to the instagram video of the predator noise...

Someone else's dog does that! My viszla/labrador mix took to clattering like that at dinner time for about a month, but we haven't heard her do it again in ages.

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I love looking at people's pets. And yes that sounds creepy.

Here's Buster, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who is the laziest dog in the world and the only dog I know that doesn't run outside when you leave the door wide open.


And this is Lily, a long haired dachshund, who likes her pink ball.


And I leave you guys with Buster rockin' the Elmer Fudd look.


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My cat is Smudge.  She's almost 3.5 years old, super sweet and cuddly, and dumb as can be.  In this picture (the same one I'm using as my avatar) she's in a mixing bowl, but I swear I don't do that just to torture her.  That's how I weigh her.


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Oh my. So many good friends here already.  As I have so many different pets to choose from, let me just share a couple now, and then I'll see if I can find link up some more later.

This is Carl. He'd get up to move back into the sunbeam, but that would require too much effort. Not pictured is his brother Lenny who is no longer with us.


This is Jesse. She doesn't do much unless we drop some crickets into the tank.


This is Danny, currently the only dog in the house and is a 7 year-old lab. He was a show dog who was sent into rescue because his hips were going to prevent him from becoming a viable breeding dog. We fostered him for a couple weeks and have had him for five years now. He's got a three track mind. 1. Pet me. 2. FOOD! 3. Ball Ball Ball Throw the Ball!

Not necessarily in that order.


And these two are Abby and Luna. Luna was another lab we fostered for a while, and she went on to a permanent home. Abby was my Golden Retriever I had from the age of 7 weeks, always looked like she wandered out of an LL Bean photos shoot, and was a very interesting combination of really smart and really dumb at the same time.



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This is my cat Bettie (we call her Beebs or Beebee for short). I got her a few months after my now-husband and I started dating - she will be 10 this year!


Another picture of her with my son Savi a few hours after he was born and we brought him home from the hospital. They are great pals now (he has been taught to be very gentle with her as she still has claws), but in the beginning, she did not like this screamy pink intruder. Suspicious cat is suspicious!

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This is Duke, AKA my first foster dog (oops!)  I "foster failed" with him, but since I adopted him I've fostered over 60 dogs, so I think it is OK that I adopted my first foster:


This is Maks, AKA my first pomeranian.  Yes, I am aware that he's a big brindle boxer mutt mix - my plan was to start getting smaller dogs after my last two big dogs passed away.  I was planning on rescuing a pom, but then Maks showed up.  We needed him, he needed us.  He had been adopted and returned to rescue twice; we were told he was untrainable, unmanageable, and probably should just be euthanized.  In actuality, I suspect he hadn't had a run the whole time the second family had him.  We did daily (or 2x/day) visits to the dog park the first couple of years that we had him; when he was young he could run faster than a saluki that he would tear around with.  He got the exercise he needed and we never had a single behavioral problem with him.  Mr. Perfect Dog :)


This is Pippin, my actual real pomeranian.  He spent his early life in a room with a woman in an assisted living facility.  When his prior owner could no longer care for him, the staff was trying to help her keep him by taking him outside for her.  Someone got bit, and the facility said he had to be euthanized.  A volunteer took him instead and called our rescue, thank goodness.  He was seriously under-socialized and afraid of everyone but me for a long time (if I wasn't home he would hide from my husband).  It took a few years, but he's a happy, social little guy now.


And this is Sabrina - she's my current foster dog.  She's a senior chihuahua mix who came from a hoarding situation.  Since she's older she might take a little longer to find a home, but I always say the fosters have no idea they are homeless - they're just part of the family here :)


Edited to add:  Yes, Maks is named after DWTS Maks, but please don't tell my husband.  He wanted to name him "Max" and I said I could live with that but I wanted to spell it differently - he has no idea our dog is named after a ballroom dancer.  It'll be our secret :)

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Yeah! I cannot resist forums that let you post pics of your pet. Here's the joy of my life aka Alfie a very small Jack Russell. (I live alone so he is very important!!)

The first was taken with his half brother 12' high up in a tree hammock,


the second is him taking refuge under his aunts' legs (she's a Parson JR hence the long legs



and lastly his favourite thing, horse riding -though he hasn't worked out which is the right direction to go in!



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My trouble is I get broody looking at such gorgeous pets. I adore them all and, if I could, would adopt them. There's some serious heart throbs in the photos on this thread. forget Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

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Hi, my name is Carmel and my foster failure Mom is BizBuzz.  I came to her as a foster back in July of 2013, and when it came time for me to meet my forever family, she refused to give me up.  I am happy because I love my home of spoil-ocity to the max.  Look at me, I don't care about anything at the moment.  And I pretty much live like this all the time.  Boy do I have her and her daughter fooled.  Thank you for obliging me.  I sort of live my life like this all the time.


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Ooh, pet pics! Love them! I have two kitties, Lucy and Swiffer (amazing, Chip! I thought I was the only one who'd named their pet Swiffer!) Here they are watching the squirrel I entice with bread. Cat TV!


Lucy was born feral. She was trapped with two siblings and brought in to be neutered, vaccinated and returned to their colony when she was 5 weeks old. They were FIV and FIP negative, so the lady at the shelter persuaded the colony caretaker that since they were so young, they'd have a better life as someone's pampered pets. Cue shots, neutering and a few weeks of fostering before being put up for adoption at about 8 weeks, which is where I come in. I was actually looking for a half-grown cat, but this wee black kitten in the first cage decided I was taking HER. She meowed, put her paws through the bars and even climbed the cage door when I tried to walk past. And that was that.

Being so young and stressed by capture, surgery, etc., and then exposed to a bunch of other kittens, she was actually getting sick when I adopted her. She had a parasite called coccidia and also pneumonia. She almost died. She would breathe with her mouth open and her head back. The vet gave her antibiotics and also lysine paste, which he said would boost her immune system against viruses. I started giving her kitten milk replacer, as she had no appetite. I figured it would be easier to digest and more nutritious than solid food. With a week, she was zipping around like nothing ever happened. I called her Lucy the bottle rocket. We really bonded when she was sick, and she still likes to sit on my chest and stick her head in my neck, or lick my ears. She'll even suck on my earlobes when she's sleepy. She's shy with strangers and startles easily, but that's the only reminder of her feral start.


Little Lucy, being cute (above) and even cuter, falling asleep playing (below) Note she sleeps with her back toes curled.


She likes being up high, being a goof, and her catnip toys.






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My Swiffer was named for her very fuzzy kitten habit of crawling into tight spaces and coming out covered in cobwebs. It was either that or Mama's L'il Dust Mop. She was born in a no-kill shelter when someone dumped off her pregnant mama. I was at a cat show to see some of the exotic breeds and maybe pick up some cat toys for Lucy and the shelter had a booth set up. I saw her sweet little fuzzy face and knew I'd be taking her home.


The name Swiffer is still appropriate, as she is my food hog that Swiffers up everything she sees. She's also a bit of a klepto, carrying off little things like chapsticks and fingernail clippers. She likes climbing and jumping, too, and "helps" put up the Christmas tree and poses for Halloween. She's actually smaller than Lucy, but it doesn't stop her from being a total alpha bossypants!






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I love this thread so much! I'm a huge animal lover who is currently without a pet, so I have to settle for squeeing at pictures of other people's pets for the time being. Please keep it up!

Oh, can I sit with you? I'm ine same boat--HUGE dog lover, cat lover, but don't have any pets; my place doesn't allow them, so I just squee over everyone else's and just informally adopt my boss's, former college professor's and just monopolize my cousin's when he comes to visit! I tried the test zone to post, but man, the one of my cousin's rescue dog, came out, like HUMONGOUS. It took up the whole screen.

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Danny's face looks like mine yesterday morning when I looked out and saw it snowing. Thankfully, it soon stopped and melted. Today is cold, but sunny - no repeat of the snow, thank goodness!

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