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S01.E02: Episode 2

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Not necessarily for help with the interviews, etc., but forensics is often a matter of technology, which small cities can't afford.


Yes, there is a reality show I think called Cold Justice that frequently hinges on the fact that the two women who are the leads go to little towns where a lot of the time the locals didn't have the money or lab equipment to analyze the hell out of the evidence and they march in with TV-show-money and get the testing done.  Sometimes that works and sometimes for no fathomable reason people who have been lying for years suddenly crack when the show's people interview them.   I thought it would be like In Search of Aliens/Big Foot/Ghosts/Insert Moronic Paranoid Object Here -shows where nothing actually gets done but unless the show out and out lies (which I guess is possible) they've done more good than I would have thought possible. 


So I buy the idea of them holding the body until either some high tech gets imported or they send the body out and get a thorough analysis but NOT that they keep it until the investigation is done.  I don't know why no one brought this up to the author. 


No way would someone so close to the family be allowed to be on the case.  Her complete lack of objectivity is a detriment to real police work.

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