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Adult Swim: Now With 20% More FOX Cartoons!

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I think Adult Swim has plowed through the current batch of Robot Chicken episodes. Is anyone else watching? I reckon they're hitting a lot more than missing these days. Here's the forum; it's been designated "Sitcom" status for some reason.

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Heads up . . . Adult Swim will be running Moral Orel in the 4-4:30 a.m.block starting on Monday, with "The Lord's Greatest Gift" and "God's Chef" . . . the latter having a plot that only really works with that show. And maybe South Park.

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Ballmasterz: 9009 wrapped up. Looks like Adult Swim will be going live-action on Sunday nights.

Yeah, I might hate myself and I'm slowly going mental over a virus that shuts everything down . . . but I ain't watching this shit. I realize that "throwing shit onto a wall and seeing if it looks good" is a viable plan at [AS] . . . not when those two chimps are involved.

I will watch this, though.

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Reminder: We are approaching April 1, which is when Adult Swim pulls some April Fools hijinx. Granted, they might skip doing anything this year since . . . everything. I’ll still DVR stuff on Tuesday night and see what happens.

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7 hours ago, Lantern7 said:

We are approaching April 1, which is when Adult Swim pulls some April Fools hijinx. Granted, they might skip doing anything this year since . . . everything.

Google sent a notice last week to all their subdivisions to not pull any of the usual shenanigans for the 1st, so who knows if anyone will be pulling pranks this year.  I'm still not going to trust anything I see/hear that day, as usual.

However, [as] might still do something different, since they're strictly entertainment, and variety and unexpectedness could be a good thing.

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Primal marathon? Originally, it looked like we'd get a follow-up to Gemusetto Machu Picchu.

Looking up the Wikipedia for Primal . . . nothing about an episode called "Plague of Madness." Maybe AS had one in the chamber just for tonight?

ETA: Here's the show's discussion thread. Looks like big-ass plant-eating dinosaurs going plumb loco.

ETA2: Okay . . . so far, we got a new Primal, the Rick and Morty anime, a date for new episodes (May 3), and a new episode of Dream Corp LLC. I mean, if you're a fan of the psychic vampire from What We Do In The Shadows, maybe you'll go for it.

ETA3: Tigtone, YOLO: Crystal Fantasy, The Shivering Truth . . .

ETA4: At least one new episode of Robot Chicken .  . .

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Here's the [AS] schedule for the months to come.

I think the only thing that aired last night that's not listed is Smiling Friends. And it looks like we'll be getting more Makasu in our future. "Oh, wow!"

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For anyone who's interested, JJ Villard's Fairy Tales premieres tomorrow night, as well as a new season of The Shivering Truth. Honestly, I'm not sure if either show warrants an individual thread.

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Adult Swim has been bringing people to speak to the Class of 2020. You can probably guess how low on the list this guy was.

Seriously, was Early Cuyler busy? 😜🤓

On 5/23/2020 at 3:01 AM, Vermicious Knid said:

AS picking up Tuca & Bertie for season 2 after being cancelled by Netflix.

And here’s a quick clip from AS:


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So Yolo Crystal Fantasy debuted last night.  It was okay.  I was expecting something more like Regular Show where things start out normal and then spiral into absurdity but this was more of the typical AS "wacky" fare.  It wasn't bad (I'd say it was pretty average but not really worth my time to keep watching (I get so little free time, especially since my toddler likes to get up around 5am and goes to sleep around 9pm).

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Sad but not surprised.  AT&T is putting the spurs to the various WB divisions/networks.  Direct TV lost them a ton of money and HBO Max isn't doing well either (they're lowering the price which is pretty telling).  COVID isn't helping either (they lost a ton of money on Tenet).  

AS said their interested in doing something Venture Brothers.  I'm assuming a movie since what else can they do on AS that isn't a series.  Maybe I can be hopeful and they just shuttle the series to HBO Max like Search Party of Infinity Train.

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For anyone keeping track:

  1. There are two more episodes of Primal left
  2. The Eric Andre Show returns at midnight.
  3. That is followed by Dream Corp LLC

Is anyone in here into those last two shows? I watch, but I'm not a huge fan of either one. I pity the audience drop for Dream Corp LLC when they realize the bald schmuck played by Mark Proksch is NOT psychic vampire Colin Robinson.

ETA: I think Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) will be airing on the Toonami block.

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I watch Dream Corp LLC.  It's a decent show but I love the use of rotoscoping.  I think Undone is the only other show to use it lately and I like Dream Corp's better.  


I had no idea the new season was starting but that's why it's on my DVR schedule since the same happened last season.  So a nice surprise for me today.

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On 10/26/2020 at 9:07 AM, Matt K said:

I watch Dream Corp LLC.  It's a decent show but I love the use of rotoscoping.  I think Undone is the only other show to use it lately and I like Dream Corp's better.  

Yeah, but when you have an episode without that (“Tricky Ricky,” for instance), it’s basically Dr. Forrester’s ne’er-do-well cousin and his gang being assholes . . . especially to eternal straight man 88.

Anyone heavy into The Eric Andre Show? I put him in the same category as Sacha Baron Cohen, in that getting murdered on-camera would be their ultimate goal.

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This is probably too late, but what the hell. I recorded the latest 4 a.m. "special" airing this week: 11 Minute Whambam 90s Ride! Honestly, it's worth a look. It stars an enthusiastic online spin instructor doing Pelaton-type stuff, a '90's soundtrack that isn't working, and the voices in his head. Oh, the voices. Worth a look if you can get to it. Here's the link on the [as] site; if you can't view it from there, I'm sure it'll be put up on YouTube soon.

ETA: Second season of Lazor Wulf starts this Sunday. This show grew on me, even if the closest character to me is Stupid Horse.


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So this is the April Fool’s joke this year.  The Aqua Teen (or Aqua Child) theme song dubbed with childrens voices is cracking me up.  

I just wish I knew the lineup.  I think they’re going to show an episode of Metalocalypse, along with a few other retired shows.

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*copying from original post made in Archer forum*

Heads up: Adult Swim is running a Sealab 2021 marathon Friday night from mdnight-3 a.m. Here's the episode list.


12:00 AM Radio Free Sealab

12:15 AM Happy Cake

12:30 AM Predator

12:45 AM Lost In Time

01:00 AM Waking Quinn

01:15 AM All That Jazz

01:30 AM In the Closet

01:45 AM Stimutacs

02:00 AM Der Dieb

02:15 AM The Policy

02:30 AM Hail Squishface

02:45 AM Bizarro 

Also, I forgot to share a Sealab 2021- themed commission I got in April. Here's the artist's website. He did a great job with my concept.


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34 minutes ago, Lantern7 said:

. . . . anyone want to guess what this is? Series? Special? Some animators snorting glue and going absolute batshit crzy?

Animated meta-creepypasta.  Plus all of the above.

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In case you didn't hear, Adult Swim is running new vignettes starring the various adversaries of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. First, Carl has to deal with his worst nightmare . . .

. . . .the Broodwich returns in a sinister new form . . .

. . . and MC P Pants goes into the higher education racket.


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On 4/25/2022 at 7:57 AM, Tom Holmberg said:

I can't say that I laughed at "Three Busy Debras," but it's definitely one of the weirder shows on the air.

The latest two episodes were even more bizarre.  Definitely a unique show.

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On 5/3/2022 at 9:47 AM, Tom Holmberg said:

The latest two episodes were even more bizarre.  Definitely a unique show.

Season finale of "Three Busy Debras" concluded with the whole town of Lemoncurd, and the Debras,, killed by a meteor.

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Checking . . . anyone else watch the two-hour Yule Log special? It’s basically what you’d expect . . . goes down a straight path for a few minutes, then veers into Crazy Town for the remainder. It’s On Demand, and it’ll air tonight at 2 a.m. after the Primal marathon.

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Co-creator of Rick and Morty dropped due to charges of domestic violence.



NBC News, which first reported the charges, says Roiland was arrested and released on a $50,000 bond in August 2020 and arraigned in October of that year. He pleaded not guilty.

He is facing one felony charge of domestic battery with corporal injury. This is for allegedly hurting an unnamed victim whom he was dating. He has also been charged with false imprisonment. The court document lists the victim as Jane Doe.

NBC also reports a protective order was also filed in 2020 that prevents Roiland from going within 100 feet of the alleged victim....

Roiland's voice roles on the show are set to be played by new actors, The Hollywood Reporter reported, citing anonymous sources.



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