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S07.E03: Clear And Present Danger


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But I have to say, I love Ryan and Seamus Dever to itty bitty bits, but "bouncer" is not a career I would expect to see him moonlighting as.


There's a ... fan theory? ... that suggests that Ryan isn't moonlighting as a bouncer. He's moonlighting as a dancer and he only told Espo he was a bouncer because that's more respectible. Not that there's much to back up that theory (except the body glitter) but it makes me laugh.

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If Ryan were a real person I would worry about his having a second job.  Fatigue can be dangerous for a detective.  We'll see if this comes up in a later episode.


I have several friends & family members that are either police or sheriff deputies. Every one of them do side jobs. Everything from working security to escorting funerals or high loads. I have been told they make more money on the side than their regular paycheck.

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Really? The police in Ottawa Canada start around $75,000 a year and detectives average over $100,000. There are Sunshine Laws in place in Ontario and police and firemen are almost as numerous as doctors.

And it should be pointed out that the doctors are on the list for the public money they receive in their practice (universal health care and single payer) not personally.


Must be good money in security.

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