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Online Cable Alternatives

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Peacock TV doesn't work in Chrome,Edge,and Firefox browsers 😞

It worked for me in Chrome--on Windows 10.  On Linux, it didn't work on anything I had. 

If that doesn't work, you could try downloading Opera, which (again) only worked on Windows 10.

(also, great handle, ketchuplover.)

ETA:  Peacock does not (currently) work on a Roku.  I heard it works on AppleTV and Chromecast, but I don't know from experience (and they're trying to get on the PS4?).  They said it works on Android, but it didn't work on my phone or my tablet.


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what does and doesn't work
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I don't even care except that I am determined to watch Amber Ruffin's show. I have enough content, otherwise. I'm drowning in things I don't have time to watch. Make it easy or fuck off, streaming services! You think we don't have other options???


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Sirius XM users can get Discovery + free for 3 months but I can never get the code to work.   SXMMDHHCS

It's for new Discovery + users.  I don't currently have a subscription but I used to awhile back (maybe a year ago) so I wonder if they recognize my email I used.  I tried using a different email (going in cognito) but it still doesn't work for me.


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