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Past experience tells me that they don't need to be toxic about anything in particular. They just are toxic. All that's necessary is for someone to express an opinion that they don't agree with. The G.I.F.T. takes over from there.

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Rick and Morty will be showing up on the Emmys broadcast soon.

ETA: And Rick goes off-prompter. Shocker. ?

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On 15.01.2018 at 8:43 AM, Lantern7 said:

From Watch Mojo: Top 10 Times Rick Crossed the Line Criticisms below.


10. Getting Morty to shove big seeds in his rectum: That was bad, especially in the very first Rick and Morty episode watch here.

9. Rick's car keeps Summer safe: Should Rick get blamed for that? That falls on the border for me.

8. Selling Weapons to Assassins: Okay, that's cut and dry evil.

7. Toxic Rick turns the world toxic: Also on the border. I mean, it's Rick, but it's mostly the "bad" side of him.

6. Killing Secret Service: Okay, Rick warned them. And you'd think the guys would be briefed on the danger involved, even if the President wanted his head.

5. Blowing Up Zigerions: That's not crossing the line. Assholes spend the entire episode trying to fool Rick (and making Jerry happy for once in his pathetic life). seemingly succeed, then blow themselves up because Rick is an asshole. But they totally had it coming.

4. Morty's Mind Blowers: Indefensible, though I'm thinking Morty's brain is very resilient with the constant tampering.

3. Pickle Rick: It was a dick move to make himself immobile to get out of therapy, but did it cross the line? I don't think it did.

2. Universe in Car Battery: Once again, a grey area. Building a universe to power his car is classic amoral Rick, but I don't think it was evil. He did jerk those people around, though.

1. Destroying the Vindicators: He was drunk. I mean, that's not a "Get Out Of Shit Free" card, but he probably would have blown them off if he wasn't obligated to Morty. Given the dysfunction of the team (especially with Supernova, Thousand Ants and Allan Rails), he just accelerated their demise.

I do want that all the mojo vidfeos where transformed into a post lkike this, it saves your time dramatically, thanks!

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