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Edge of Eighteen (PBS)

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This sat on my DVR for a long time, but after I started watching, I set down my coffee cup and closed my solitaire game.  Wow, heartbreaker.  THANK YOU, God, for not letting me be 18 right now.


For the show, a bunch of high school seniors were given high-end video cams and they made diaries.  Really good editing condensed the goofy moments into a montage and devotes most of the time to larger issues:


--An inner city kid with an absent father (who can't be bothered to come to graduation) seeks advice from a recent prison parolee.


--A brilliant girl who overcame bullying got herself on track for a science degree but finds herself pregnant.


--A kid desperate to get away from the family (alligator) farm opens a rejection letter from his college of choice and has no support at all to help him pick up the pieces.


I can't wait for the next episode.



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One of the episodes featured a senior from my daughter's high school (she is a Sophomore).  He is so very talented, has won all kinds of film awards, an honor student...but it just goes to show you that sometimes there is no rhyme or reason with college acceptances.  Not looking forward to the next 2 years going down this road with my kid. 

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