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S25.E01: Go Big Or Go Home

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Boston Rob did master the penalty didn't he?


Were the girls who GRABBED THE PEN OUT OF THE FIREFIGHTER'S HAND THE SAME ONES WHO TRIED TO STEAL THEIR CAB?  If so, karma is a bitch!  Then to have them whine at the mat that they were pushed out of the cab when the firefighters were clearly in control of that cab was ridiculous.

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Glad to see the realtors go. Stealing the pen and the spot on the boat. Saying "So long suckers" before getting on the boat. The attempted can theft. Then whining about it. Did they actually say they played nice?

I really don't like people who get physical, then whine when the other person gets physical in return. Realtor Lady, you do realize cameras are following you, right? As you whine about your arm, people will have already seen that you got injured when you physically shoved in front of the fireman, then kept trying to force your way into the cab.

Didn't realize people from Survivor would be on this season. Having seen the Survivor premier, Amazing Race gets points for not trying to put Survivor down.

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Regarding flying to the wrong country.  Wasn't there a recent season where there was a team that almost did just that?  They were all set to fly somewhere, but then they got to the airport and I think a guy mentioned how they were flying to some city, and another team said wait, what?, and told them where to go.  Am I making this up?


TAR21, Leg 9, Moscow to Amsterdam: 20s-something Texas couple Trey/Lexi mistook the Dutch flag for the French, but fellow alliance members (and Chippendales) Jaymes/James corrected them before it was too late.




Back to the main topic: it's safe to say that the double-RB opener trend started by S20 - and ominously dropped as of last season - has come to an end. Pity, too, since the episode as a whole veered towards one of those "themed legs", in this case Pirates of the Caribbean: Wrath of the Blonde Mermaids.


The only real slice of local culture was the Carnival dancers/greeter at the Fort Christian PitStop, and it would've been nice to have the teammate who skipped the CompassBlock perform another task with roots in West Indian culture, e.g. cook and sell the delicacy known as fungi up to a certain profit level before checking in with Phil.

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I have no idea what is "fungi".  (Other than funguses.)


Rather than mushrooms, the fungi/fungee/cou-cou of assorted West Indies cuisines is invariably made of cornmeal and okra (preparation time roughly half an hour, perfect for a cooking/selling RB):




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Looks like horrid cornmeal cou-cou to me, without even the redeeming salt fish.  I hate that stuff, unlike most of my family.  I much prefer breadfruit cou-cou -- even though it's the least imaginative thing you can do with a breadfruit.


While I don't eat the stuff (cornmeal cou-cou), I'm aware that the preparation (or stirring) of a ball of cou-cou requires some considerable skill.  Nobody in my family will undertake to stir a ball of cou-cou, despite all of them being crazy for the stuff as well as being pretty handy in the kitchen.  It might make for a very challenging... er... challenge.

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Boston Rob did master the penalty didn't he?



The penalty was different then though.  It was 4 hours -from when the next team arrived-.  We didn't find out what would have happened if all the teams were already there (maybe it would just be 4 hours); but what really made it work for him, is his penalty was so much shorter than what other people ended up with, since they had to wait for another team.  I don't know when it changed to just 4 hours plain.  (And the detour penalty appears to be the same too- not the horrid 24 hours it was in season 1)


I personally think the amazing race is a game, so I like seeing the penalty being used strategically, but I don't think this episode showed it.  The first team should have taken the penalty, then tried to get the other teams to take it (without knowing their time already started). It would have been a major gamble for them, but not much more than the gamble of a taxi+footrace. To me, that would have been more interesting.

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On a rewatch of all seasons.

Very odd watching this knowing Jim died earlier this year. Thought it was interesting that he helped the teams with the compass. Too early to make enemies? but he was wrong about Bopper puking, that was Mark.

Bethany is amazing! I don't think I could've climbed the rope ladder with one arm. And I agree with Kym I like Adam's muscles a lot more than Robbie's or Jim's.

Wish they had shown more of Frank and the others giving out the info.

Did the blondes yell something about having a baby while they were running? That was the Afghanimals schtick. Curious why they didn't get a penalty for stealing the pen (maybe because they were eliminated? 'cause that could be construed as both interfering with a racers 'equipment' and hindering a racer?) and not knowing where the sun sets is bad.

So were the 3 teams that took the penalty told where the pit stop was? and there were cabs there waiting for them? Odd.

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