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I went to Dickey's site to see if they listed the participating places & saw this:


The limited time menu item will be available through January 6 at participating locations.

I wonder if they're all limited time food.

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I wonder if they're all limited time food.


I have no idea but I can tell you for a certainty that Denny's still has their On the Menu dish on their menu.  They usually change their specials quarterly so maybe that's how long they'll keep it.  Actually, all I can really be certain about is the Denny's I patronize which is a non-franchise store.  The franchise Denny's across town may be doing something different for all I know.

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I went to Dickey's today & they had the stew so I tried it. It was the first time I've had turnip greens, & I'm only so-so on them. I think it would have tasted better if they made it with kale. You can pick what kind of sausage you want with it (I had the spicy cheddar) and they slice it & serve it on top of the stew. I think it would have been better if they had picked a sausage, sliced it into small pieces, & cooked it in the stew so that the sausage flavor was throughout instead of just in the slices. All in all it was OK, but not memorable. If this really was the best dish, the other stuff must have been kind of bad.

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I've a got a Buca 10 minutes from my house,and we always eat there when we want to go out for Italian. It works especially well for a family. We order two or three small dishes and take home what is leftover. I believe they also offer single dinners, or at least they used to offer them.


I was hoping the "fluffy little pillows" would make the menu. They sounded delicious. I've never seen gnocchi made so now I have a new appreciation for them.


The "Ladies Man" eggplant/veal sausage dish looked fine when served, but once it made it to the individual plates, it didn't look very appetizing. He annoyed me so I was glad he didn't a make it through.

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I'm watching a documentary about murder in Hollywood that I recorded, and I got to the part about Phil Hartman and his wife Bryn. She had dinner with a girlfriend at this restaurant and got pretty tanked, went home and the shooting began. Wow, I had no idea that this particular restaurant had that in their history. They lived in Encino, I believe.

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