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Whatever it had been, he would probably want to change it up after a hundred episodes or so, especially if he watches them all as they air. He'll probably change it again for the next batch, if the series continues. I was certainly ready for him to do something else with "I WILL BE THE CLUEGIVER!" after a year's worth of watching it.

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Wow. This thread is pretty dormant.

Where I live they show 2 episodes of Celebrity Name Game back to back from 12pm to 1pm. The first is usually a new episode if it's not Summer and the 2nd will be a rerun maybe from this season or last. Today the first episode was a rerun from last Oct. which seemed kinda weird since I'd think they'd tape enough episodes to keep from airing reruns during the regular season.

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In February the station that showed CNG twice a day went down to one episode a day due to starting a noon newscast.  It airs at 5pm on another channel from a city a state over too which also airs one episode. I'm about ready to quit watching due to being tired of episodes from 2014 and early 2015 being aired more often then new ones. I went to the show's FB page awhile back where people kept asking when new shows would be airing and instead of getting an answer to that the reply to them was they are already taping Season 3. 

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Looks like we're getting new episodes again, given Craig's greyer hair and the reference to Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Don't seem to any format changes that I noticed.


I will say, "Lululemon" is a completely unfair final round clue. I can't recall ever hearing the name and looking it up just now don't even recognize the logo.

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Haven't had a chance to watch the show recently, and have a bunch on my DVR, so I don't know if this one was new or not, but I just saw one where Weird Al Yankovic came about a half-second from having a perfect first round, and he probably could have made up that half-second if he didn't make a joke about Craig in the middle of the round. Pretty good. He definitely goes on the list of dream celeb players to have on one of these kind of shows.

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Yes, that's a repeat and a memorable one for that near-perfect first round (I've seen 8 out of 10 in that round once or twice, but never even another 9). Weird Al is definitely one of their best celebs, though a perfect round (any of the rounds) is dependent on so many things: sharp celeb, savvy and quick civilians, shared cultural frame of reference, not-too-obscure names given. Yvette Nicole Brown is definitely another of the good celebs, but doesn't stand out in quite the spectacular way she does on Hollywood Game Night, and I can't put my finger on why. I also expected Marilu Henner to be spectacular because of her Superior Autobiographical Memory, but as I've since come to understand, that can interfere with other kinds of needed recall. She's good, but good on the level of several others who play the game.

The "Second Chance" guy couple from a year ago remain, in my viewing experience, the only time when one player swept all 10 items in the final round by himself. It was also one of the surprisingly rare times when at the end of round 3 when the team who'll play for the big money has been determined, the winning team walked over to shake the other team's hands, thank them for a fun game, and say a few nice things. I have seen it happen maybe 5 or 6 times, tops, in the hundreds of episodes. Most times, the winners of the round are too caught up in celebrating, and Craig has to say nice things to the others all by himself.

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Craig's "I will be the clue giver" announcement gets more elaborate every season. I wonder what it'll be by season 10? Some sort of special effects extravaganza, maybe a cirque de soleil type performance, live in-studio fireworks...

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29 minutes ago, doublek61 said:

I follow the show on Facebook, and just saw a post that they did not get renewed for a fourth season.  I must admit, I am disappointed.  I enjoy this show!

Here's a link to an article from The Hollywood Reporter about the cancellation. I have to admit, I'm rather surprised about it myself. Especially with Craig winning 2 consecutive Daytime Emmys as the host.


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