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On 7/25/2017 at 7:04 PM, Lura said:

I wrote to the Food Network a month ago, asking whether "Farmhouse Rules" would be on again for another season. 

Wondering if you asked if they will still run reruns? I just started watching since I retired so most of the shows would be new to me.

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No, I didn't ask about reruns.  If the FN continues doing things the same way, they'll use "Farmhouse Rules" the same way they've used "Barefoot Contessa" and rerun many of the old favorites either on a regular basis or to fill in empty spots.  I hope for our sake, they'll either carry new episodes or rerun all of the old shows like they did with Ina Garten.

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It sucks that Ina, Nancy Fuller, & Amy Thielen (who is a James Beard Award Winner) are canned at FN,  but Ree & Guy are all the rage.  Welcome to 'Merica folks. 

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5 hours ago, chessiegal said:

Ina is cancelled - she's still making shows.

From your lips to god's ears.  I hope she's not.

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Ina is making shows - her latest is "Cook Like a Pro". They've been airing recently. She's been open that she does the shows to sell her cookbooks, She comes out with a new cookbook every 2 years. As long as that continues, I think FN will keep her on like they did this year,

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On 6/30/2017 at 8:44 PM, Lura said:

IMHO, I will never be the kind of cook who scoffs at people (or myself) for using a canned soup in a recipe -- or anything else canned or frozen. 

I think that some people think "cook from scratch" means never opening a can.  Although I make a mean Senate Bean Soup recipe that friends and family would stand in line for, no one will ever take away my love of Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup, served with a grilled cheese sandwich.  I also used canned tomato, cream of chicken, and cream of mushroom soups in a few recipes.  Nothing wrong with them, as long as the dish is made with healthy and fresh ingredients. 

Nothing pleases me more than a steamed vegetable plate of corn on the cob, asparagus, etc., served with a fresh fruit salad -- melons, grapes, etc.  I think we're so lucky to have these things available in the summer, and nothing tastes better to me than fresh.  It kills me, though, when some people apologize for using a canned ingredient.  I think cooking should be fun, as much as possible, and it's not much fun if you stay within a rigid set of rules. 

I would love your Senate Bean Soup recipe, if you don't mind sharing! Thanks!

ETA: After I posted this, I got a nagging deja vu feeling that I have asked for this recipe before in another thread and you did give me the link, but for the life of me, I cannot find it. Am I dreaming? 

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So is Farmhouse Rules officially cancelled or what?  It makes sense now that Nancy is a judge on the competition shows, in Food Network's eyes, she no longer needs a show.

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