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S02.E06: Sins of the Father

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I really wanted to slap Deitrick's sister for getting out of pocket.  She was the one who felt some kind of way for not being told about her brother's baby?  Clearly she has serious issues.  She was trying to make Deitrick's wanting to know about his people into some kind of disrespect towards Bishop Haddon.  If he wasn't tripping about that, she should have fell back.   I kind of liked the way Bishop Haddon shut things down at the table, but not what he said to Dominique.  I feel he should have made Zena apologize to Dominique, even if she didn't want to. 


I was intrigued by the story and I had no idea Deitrick was my age!  I thought he was much younger for some reason.  


I was wondering why the title page kept calling Dominique "First Lady".  Looks like Deitrick will be a pastor again.

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Zena has all kinds of issues.  It's as if she believes that because Deitrick is her brother, he owes her access to his entire life.  If that's how she responds when things happen in his life with which she doesn't agree, I can see why he's taken to keeping her at arm's length.  Zena was wrong for attacking Dominique and making Deitrick's decisions about what Dominique wants.  I'm sure Dominique does want her daughters to be able to know all about their father's birth family and that is wise.  Whatever decisions the Haddons make for their girls is their own business.  If Zena winds up being alienated from her brother, it'll be her own doing.  She can't be trusted not to fly off the handle at no provocation and it's not cool for her to attack his wife.


The McClendons are wooden.  The Bishop creeps me out.  His eyes look glassy and they have a look in them that seems ... I don't know.  Let me not make pronouncements about that man, but I know I wouldn't want to be in a room alone with him.  The youngest boy, Seth, has taken on all of his father's mannerisms and while it's natural for a boy to emulate his father, that also means he's picking up those creepy aspects of his dad.  And that wife ... she looked like she wanted to offer Myesha a prayer cloth to cover her legs.

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