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S16.E36: Nominations #12

Tara Ariano
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I may be super immature, but I was tempted so many times during the HOH comp to make a "spilled his seed" joke. 

I was coming here to say that exact same thing! 


And FWIW, I *love* Jury House Donny. Makes it more believable that he has a girlfriend. That 'ah-yup' character he was portraying in the house was really tiresome. (not saying that isn't some of who he is, but I think he was playing it up to be seen as less threatening)

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I still wonder what Frankie thinks about Victoria's acting, about how she's turned on Derrick. They showed one DR clip of Frankie saying 'yikes' but that could have been an editing trick.

I really enjoyed the luxury comp, that was a lot of fun, especially Victoria's win for doing nothing. Classic Victoria!

Interesting part of the filler last night was Caleb talking about his tattoos and how he'd get one for "all of y'all" I think he said but he only mentioned a soccer ball for Cody and a pink flamingo for Frankie. He didn't mention Derrick. I still haven't decided where that weighs in on the scales from 'touching' to 'creepy' though. I think a lot depends on size and placement, but I'm not sure how I'd feel if someone told me they were going to basically get a 'memorial' tattoo for me before I was dead or in a tragic accident.

I don't think that Derrick was there for that conversation. Victoria was though. Considering how many tattoos Caleb has, looks like any old excuse will do.

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I'm honestly not sure any of them, save Frankie, actually HAVE an end game:  Caleb is so self-convinced he's invincible/aka 'Beast Mode', I don't think it enters his mind that the only person a danger to his game in F2 is Frankie, due to comps - the concept of social game escapes Caleb entirely.  I honestly get that Caleb assumes he makes it to F2, he wins.


Yes, but if Caleb intends to be in the final 3 with Derrick and Cody, and he wins the final HoH, which one will he take to the F2? Cody or Derrick? Surely he has a preference. He's not that dumb. We're just not hearing it, because it's not the narrative the show is stringing together for us.


Same for Frankie. Who, exactly, does he want to sit next to in the final 2? He's not that dumb either. Delusional, over the top, annoying as all hell, sure. But I'm sure he has an idea who he wants to be in the final 2 with. Who is it? We don't know, because the show isn't interested in telling us that. All they're interested in is telling us what Derrick plans to do.

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We're just not hearing it, because it's not the narrative the show is stringing together for us.

Or, are the guys just not saying because they don't want the others to know it's not them? They have to hold their options open in case their preference gets booted before then.

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