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Hall of Nicknames

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I feel like the nickname thing has gone off the rails.  There are way many names for individuals; and most of them are kinda lame.  I don't know if it's a moderator thing or what, but back at TWoP I could at least follow the conversation...here I have to double back half the time to remember who a post is referring to.  At TWoP, the cream rose to the top, I guess.  Like Fancy Bones.  That was a classic. /endtantrum

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I hardly ever use nicknames on the Days board anymore basically since I am tired of the complaining about nicknames and complaining about those who write Abigail critiques. I am a busy dog groomer in a wealthy area where I live so have to hear complaining, nit picking, nagging, and barking all day- everyday. So this is my comfort place where I want calm and laughter and acceptance.

I mean like 5 people do it. And sparingly. And a bunch of the boards on here for Glee, RH, BB, Y&R, GH, have posters use nicknames without backlash and debates. Also there are things users do that annoy me. I don't make some public announcement because I don't want to embarrass them or make them feel bad and also know I don't speak for the entire group.

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5 hours ago, Silver Raven said:

It was more appropriate when Kassie took over the role of Blair on OLTL from Asian actress Mia Korf.

Still works here, though! Since Gabrielle wasn't southern and Shane is British! (And as nice as Kassie DePaiva is, her Eve seems like a contemporary of Shane's, not his daughter!)

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