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"The View": Week of 9/15/14

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Mrs Brolin refuses to be recorded unless she can display her "good side".  All her interviews must have her facing to her right, showing her "good side".  Fallon had two choices:  rebuild his set or trade places.

Oprah changed the seating on her set when Streisand was on as well.  


Finally watching Friday's show, which is historic because the last time I watched a full week was during Rosie's first run.  I had to snark about the Costco discussion because I'll go there just to have their hot dog at the food stand! 

I hear ya mtlchick, on both the full week of shows and going to Costco!   When they were talking about Costco (loved Rosie's description of the giant mayonaise) and Trader Joe's I kept thinking how strange and cool  it would be to turn the corner at either one and suddenly see RO or RP  shopping there.     Of course Whoopi let us all know that she doesn't want any of us approaching her when she's not working.  I get the sentiment but that was rude.  No worries Whoopi, I wouldn't cross the street to talk to you either.  

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Friday taped shows don't bother me as much on stuff like Letterman, but when The View or Maddow do it, I feel a little cheated since they rely on current events so much.  Especially on The View, you know any real good eye rolling or childish behavior will be edited out, so the taped shows just aren't any fun.

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On Rosie o's website, one of the tabs is for recaps of The View. I checked it out and it contains short summaries of the shows. Lovely overview of billy and Whoopi's Robin tribute. The first weeks worth of summaries hits the highlights and recapped funny quotes, etc. I wonder why this is on her personal website. So she can make sure her own spin on what happened on the show is out there in case something controversial happens? Having these recaps out there might not be a good thing...I could see some media or guest taking what is written there if a volatile issue comes up and using it against her...

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What caught my attention during their 'chat' was that neither of them talked about Robin Williams on a personal level. Even when BC was directly asked to reminisce about his personal relationship with Robin, he talked about their work together and how funny the guy was. He mentioned spending hours on the phone with him but what did they talk about? Work...and dissing on how other people handled Oscar's hosting duties. There was a brief mention of him and Robin personally going to homeless shelters to distribute money they had collected but nothing about Robin's reactions on a personal level.

For two people who supposedly were among his greatest friends, I would have thought we might have heard some personal stories about what Robin was like away from the cameras or the audience. I've heard and read elsewhere that one-on-one, Robin was very quiet and shy - I would have been interested in hearing about that side of him. And at the very least, Whoopi and Billy could have inserted a heartfelt plea to support people who suffer from and organizations who help those with depression.

Just my humble opinion, but no celebrity is obligated to talk about deeply personal relationships, much less about someone else's personal life, on national television for our consumption. Their personal stories are just that…personal. Robin's death was just 6 weeks ago, and it's clear that his suicide is something they are still emotionally grappling with and deeply grieving. They said as much as they were comfortable saying, and Whoopi could barely speak at all. I thought it was heartbreaking and incredibly moving exactly as it was.

That said, I do think there was an opportunity there for the show to include a brief PSA at the end for suicide prevention. However, I got the impression earlier in the week that they are at least considering doing an in-depth segment or perhaps an entire show about clinical depression and maybe they are saving it for that time. If any good at all can come from Robin's death, hopefully it's that the subject of soul crushing disorders like depression, which still sadly have a stigma attached to them, are being brought out into the light for discussion and understanding. I really do hope that it's a subject the show is willing to tackle in a sensitive and thoughtful manner. We'll see.

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Maybe it's because I have lived on the west coast for 20 years. We don't even get the :live: nightly news.  No biggie.


Yeah, SanDiegoinExile, Phoenix area here.  Not that I want to, but we can't Tweet messages for that annoying crawl.  We can't join in the Selfie photos (please tell me that's long gone).  We can't do any live voting a la Project Runway.  And...although I truly don't care, it seems odd that such a large portion of the U.S. is left out of the networks' little games.

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I totally get that seeing a tv show live is not important to some people.  I do prefer to see a live talk show whenever possible, but it's okay with me if I see a "live" show a few hours later.  I don't know how to put this so it will make sense, but going way back, to the days of The Rosie O'Donnell Show, and Regis and Kathie Lee, as well as The View, what I liked watching most was when they were live in the studio.  The shows I always skipped were, funnily enough, the ones they touted the most - the "we're going on the road!" shows.  I found those boring - Rosie interviewing actors on LA sets of tv shows that she had taped previously goodness knows when, Regis and Kathie Lee taping two shows on Sunday and another two on Monday to be shown Mon thru Thurs, a repeat show Fri.,  so they could have the rest of the week off, The View re-creating their table in a different city - not live either.  To me, there was always something missing from those shows, perhaps the spontaneity, the no discussion of any current news, the lack of any juicy gossip of the day.  It always felt to me like they were going through the motions and couldn't wait for it to be over and just weren't really all that into it, so why should I be?  I will take the View ladies live in the studio any day rather than that shit.  All this week, I've watched the show later from the western channels I get instead of live, but I don't feel I missed anything not seeing it "live".  As long as they're in the studio that day.  I remember not watching The View on Fridays knowing it was taped on an earlier day, and as much as I'm enjoying the show now, I wouldn't be surprised at all if I fell once again into that pattern.



Drinking and posting again.



LOL!!  Hi, kindred spirit  :)



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I like live shows personally. But enjoyed Fri's because they just chatted about fun things. Nothing in the news.

Not like before pretending to talk about "current events" - news moves 24/7 now. Or stupid sex surveys.

Not that I want every day taped.

However, shows like The Chew are....and I love that show. But then they are not into hot topics of any kind.

But this show is.

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Do you think it was intentional to not get the new co-hosts together before the season premiere? Perhaps to expedite a little drama? Too me it looked unprofessional to see no familiarity this week (mainly Nicole). Regardless I couldn't be happier all the crap is gone. What a breath of fresh air. I'm looking forward to better shows once the hosts get to know each other better. Happy with RoP, for once her voice was not making my ears bleed. I like her!

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