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Season Eight: Doomsday Cometh - Failsday Stayeth.


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Before I go ranting posting my thoughts on further episodes of this season, I must say something positive. There has to be some good things about this season, right? Think! Think! Oh!

I have to give kudos to the casting director for finding perfect actors to play not only toddler Clark in the first season, but the actors they got to play tween Clark and Chloe in "Abyss.". What else? What else? Erm...oh! The hawtness that is Ryan Kennedy, who played Rokk/Cosmic Boy. What I wouldn't give to see him back on my small screen again. And no, his one post-Smallville work as a bad guy on NCIS doesn't count!

Amazing how fast I'm getting through this season, I find myself fast forwarding everything Jimmy/Henry and the return of the Pink Pestilence. Aside from "Abyss," "Bride," and "Legion" I don't think I'm enjoying any of the episodes this season. Big Surprise. I remember when it was announced that Doomsday was going to be the big bad of this season, I went on a rampage, heh, over on TWoP, about how it would suck, and it would be a huge ass fail. I did not gloat that I turned out to be right. Or that the STOOPID and Twisted Perversion of Clark not being the only Kryptonion sent to Earth, but Davis was the other one. UGH.

The idiot writers tried and tried to convince me that Clark had fallen for Lois, when everything in Clark's eyes, words, body language told me it was Chloe that he was in love with. His asking AI Jor-El to brain wipe Chloe's knowledge of Clark's secret notwithstanding, I saw his grief and struggle. I know, I know, that's an unpopular opinion. And what made it worse was Clark calling that machine, "Father." GAG.

I HATED what this show did to Zatanna, who is one of my favorite characters, going back to B:TAS. They shoulda just made her Bizarro!Zatanna as far as I'm concerned.

I don't understand this show's need and insistence that every villain or would be villain to discover Clark's sekrit, or even know he had one. I mean, I can understand why Lex did, but not Tess.

And Writers can just SUCK IT, if they wanted me to believe that Chloe and fake!Jimmy were "best friends." NO. JUST NO. 

This season, I think, was when I started to hate this show. That is, that I started "hate watching." I mean, to kill Lex? A MAJOR DC character? And that DC was a-okay with it? Because if I recall, they had to get DC's approval for what they wrote, right? That's why I'll never believe it was the real Lex that Oliver thought he killed.  Oh! And guess what? The first clone that kidnapped Clark or Lois and then "died?" He was the same actor who played Krieg, the EVUHL Doctor who tried to lobotomize Victor.

And more and more, I cringe when I see Ashmore's Jimmy/Henry. Like, there's nothing there to clue me in as to what Chloe sees in him. Nothing. Call me shallow, but they should have cast someone who was a match for Clark in the looks department. Or maybe that was the point. Or someone who I could believe could be a cute, nerdy Jimmy Olsen. Oh, wait. Turns out he's actually

Henry! and that his younger brother is the iconic Jimmy Olsen/Superman's pal.

Sigh. Only a few more to go and then I'm done. And I'll only be watching the Chloe episodes for next seasons and the ones with the

return of Bo Kent


Hey, at this rate, I'll be done with the series in two days!

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On 1/10/2017 at 6:52 PM, BkWurm1 said:

I long ago decided that Jor-El's AI was corrupted.  It's the only explanation.  Sometimes you get good Jor-El, sometimes you get the insane monster. 

Naw, Jor-El just had a different parenting style b/c of cultural differences between Kansas and Krypton ;)

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56 minutes ago, rue721 said:

Naw, Jor-El just had a different parenting style b/c of cultural differences between Kansas and Krypton ;)

If that's the case, then Clark deserves refugee status even without his planet blowing up.  

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