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S16.E32: Live Eviction #12 & #13 / HoH Comp #13

Tara Ariano
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While I was not a fan of seeing Christine and all the Codytouching, I also don't think it's a crime punishable by public stoning.  I don't think she should wear a scarlet letter and hang her head in shame when she's back behind the counter at Starbucks (if they even want her back after all the nasty things she said about their customers, and admitting to giving away free coffee in exchange for tattoos).  But booing her is a far cry from stoning.  It's a sound people make with their mouths to show their dislike for someone.  BFD.  She didn't actually have sex with Cody, she just displayed behavior that was unbecoming to a married woman and that could be hurtful to her husband, who is on the outside looking in, literally.  (I hate that word now.)  I don't see why Christine's feelings being hurt by an unfriendly audience is any worse than all the ugly things that she said about other people while in the house, things that those people will all hear once they are able to watch for themselves.  Donny hearing her call him perverted and saying she hated him so much that he disgusted her will certainly sting more than if she just booed him.  I'm sure Amber and Brittany didn't feel great when they heard how much Christine was bashing them, nor will Jocasta when she finds out.   With or without the Codytouching, Christine is just a toxic person, and if booing is the worst thing she gets after all the meanness she has displayed on this show, then she's getting off pretty easily, in my opinion.

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Wasn't it an episode or two ago that Christine was boasting about how she was going to have a chance to send Nicole packing again?  And then she follows her right out the door?  I love it.  A tiny, tiny part of me felt bad for her for getting booed but her behavior was so foul this season.  I feel so bad for her husband.

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Christine switched off my sympathy sensors during the HOH comps following Nicole's re-entry; she (Christine) kept going on and on about "funny" it would be if she could win HoH, solely for the opportunity of backstabbing her former friend a second time.

The word I'd pick for that ain't "funny", honey.

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