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4 minutes ago, SomeTameGazelle said:

Matt seems very kind and level-headed. 


I appreciate his description of what was happening with him during the last game, which many wanted to know, and which a lesser player would not have been so candid about:


...The day I lost, I went in feeling a little "off" physically, but I had felt worse before and then won with no problem, so I didn't think anything of it. Then, I gradually saw that I wasn't remembering things that I really should have been able to remember, and I was mis-reading clues in front of me. As that was happening, I began to see where the path ahead of me was leading. I'm quite pleased with how I kept steady throughout. I don't think my emotions or confidence played that much into it, what I did feel was that there was evidence that my mind wasn't working at full capacity....

So, basically, during the game Matt lost, his brain was working the way mine typically does these days, heh.


BTW, I could not read the article in my usual browser (Chrome), but when I copied the link into the Edge browser, Newsweek said I still have 4 free articles left for the month.

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11 hours ago, 3 is enough said:

Matt was on CNBC this morning with David Faber and Jim Cramer.  He was gracious as always.  He plans to finish his PhD by the end of this school year and will look for a job as a professor.  They talked about investing his winnings, and he says he wants to invest for the long term in fairly safe funds and bonds.  He isn't planning on touching any of it right now.  

Cramer was like a fangirl talking about his run on Jeopardy and how it got his daughters watching every night.  It was pretty funny.

The CNBC interview with David Faber and Jim Cramer is online now: 

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2 hours ago, shapeshifter said:

A fitting tweet for this Friday night:

Thank you. I am now following @mattamodiodolla.

... and this just got posted:


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25 minutes ago, shapeshifter said:

As seen on Twitter:

Lily's shirt talk made me realize I've only seen Matt from the waist up. For all I know, he has two-inch legs. And Bozo feet.

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15 hours ago, zoey1996 said:

On Facebook today: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVtjEBTvkGV/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=35d40cba-e514-453a-be07-4c12f9a46a7e&ig_mid=7F5A34A0-9110-4E09-87B3-F436FA7C887E

The link goes to Instagram and it’s to a picture of a pumpkin with Trebek on it. I’m on my phone so hope you’ll be able to see it!

I can post the photo here in case someone doesn’t want to go Instagram 




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Our latest champ, Amy, is also an excellent tweeter. Here is a Twitter Thread story of her experience on Jeopardy! Click this👇 linked tweet to scroll down through her thread.


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Dates for the J! College Tournament (Feb, opposite the Winter Olympics). It looks like this one will be prime-time. The previously mentioned Professors Tournament, although originally seemed to indicate prime-time, looks to be during the regular slot (starts Monday, so Friday's champ (Dec 3), whoever that may be, will have to wait two weeks to continue. Thus, Professors Tourney will still count in the contest, whereas the College Tourney will not. https://tvline.com/2021/12/02/american-idol-jeopardy-college-championship-premiere-date-abc/

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