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4 hours ago, Irlandesa said:

What I'd be curious to know is whether or not it's really an open audition or if this is all about making sure the pre-chosen successor can handle the job

This article at least gives a sense of the process of selecting the next host:

17 hours ago, Mario500 said:

Of course, processes tend to evolve and change with feedback loops etc.

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I usually watch The Conners, though I wonder why I do. Anyway, saw the episode last night. Jackie does poorly, in the red for FJ. Aaron Rodgers was fine, like his guest host appearance. They showed the FJ category, something about cats, but we didn’t see the clue. 

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Aaron had two scenes. The first showed what Jeopardy actually aired (can't find that clip).

The second shows what happened off air



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It was better than I expected. He was charming and I do appreciate Laurie Metcalf’s comedic timing  –– I just don’t care for most of her roles. But I did like her last line about being in handcuffs. LOL

As a librarian I’ve been part of many job interviews (on both sides of the table) in which the person interviewing for the job is asked how they would deal with a difficult person. 

I don’t know if “difficult contestant” is a thing on game shows like Jeopardy, but how great would it be for the job candidate to be able to answer that question by showing the interviewers an episode segment from a highly produced television series in which the job candidate had a guest role demonstrating exactly how coolly they would deal with a difficult contestant?

Wait. Isn’t that what Aaron Rodgers just did? LOL. Good for him! And it demonstrates that he understands how important image is on TV, especially for the next Jeopardy host. Bravo!

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Chicago's WGN radio did an interview with Ken Jennings this morning. If my dogs hadn't woke me up, I would have missed it. Still, I only caught the past part. But, never fear, the entire interview is posted online here.

He does say next season starts taping this summer so the new host should be known soon.

ETA: Obviously, my dogs know I'm a Jeopardy fan because I was sound asleep, and when Ken's interview came on the radio, they started their morning "sing" and woke me up. "Who's a good dog?" "WE ARE!" they said!

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On 6/3/2021 at 3:42 PM, saber5055 said:

Chicago's WGN radio did an interview with Ken Jennings this morning.

Thanks for that interesting interview link. Ken sounded very nervous during his introduction at his first episode hosting, something I didn't notice while watching but was evident just hearing his voice. 

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