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Fantasy Season Wishlist: All Stars, All the Time

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If the show is on the verge of being cancelled, someone higher up must surely consider the idea of an All-Stars season.  Heck, I think that idea has been around since the All-Stars started.


If that's the case, how would you want it structured?  Who would you want to compete?  What do you think the definition of All-Star should be?  Who would you want to choreograph?  To judge?


I'll take a stab at it.  Off the top of my head:


I would want a limit on the number of dancers eligible from each season.  I probably would eliminate winners, only allow the other Top 8 or 9 to be eligible, and have one or two wild card slots from the rest of the Top 11-20, with try-outs.


I would want an incredible night of showcases as the first episode (a change they made that I love and hope they will always keep) but a change in the format of the opening routine, which I've always felt highlighted certain dancers unfairly in the midst of a huge group. 


During the competition, I would want random weekly assignments to partners (of either gender) and dance styles, no repeats allowed until the finale, and I would seriously consider not allowing the dance style to be in either of the partners "named" style.  I would do away with the opening routine and the solos and the stupid get to know you padding, and put in its place weekly group routines of all the ballroom dancers left doing ballroom, etc., so we could see what the dancers could do on a weekly basis in their own style.  (Yup, I would bring ballroom back.)


Finally, I would want the judging panel to start over from scratch.  In fact, what I would really like is for some of the current All-Stars to step aside from the competition (say, Mr. and Mrs. Boss) and for them to judge instead.  Or have a rotating judges panel pulled from the 11 winners.  And I'd want Cat.


Damn.  Now, I would like this to happen.

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