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What's Coming Up On Broadchurch?


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After finishing the first season, I'm really intrigued as to how they'll do a second season. There's no murder plot to drive it again, which is good because that would really strain the suspension of disbelief to have a small town like that have multiple murders committed by different people in such a short span of time. Plus, the two detective leads are no longer detectives. Beth is very pregnant, so it's less than a year after the events of the first season.


The plot is very much under wraps and the actors are getting only two scripts at a time so they're pretty much in the dark. It could be an interesting character study on how the events of season one deeply affected Broadchurch, how the townspeople adjust to this new normal, and how the trust in a cozy little coastal community is now completely shattered.


Right now, it's a little hard to see any possibility of a season 3 and beyond, but I guess it depends on 1.) what season 2 has in store and 2.) how Gracepoint performs in the USA.

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I assume it will be an inquest and/or disciplinary hearing. That's the only reason I can come up with to have them all back in Broadchurch, since it's too soon for the trial. And this is supposed to be a sleepy village, too small for a Crown Court anyway so the trial would be elsewhere.

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I'm also thinking Sandbrook (and former DI Hardy) will finally get closure. Maybe we'll see his ex-wife and daughter. If so, I want a serious confrontation from Hardy to his ex for her cheating and her royally screwing up the case because she couldn't at the very least get the smoking gun to the evidence locker before having a victory drink and fuck with her extramarital lover and said confrontation had better not be turned on him for "being all about the job and neglecting her" and whatever other excuses that female adulterers in fictional media give to place all the blame on the spouses they cheat on to absolve themselves of all responsibility of their infidelity.


That backstory, Hardy getting such a bad rap, his health rapidly declining, and his career destroyed for something that wasn't his fault was just heartbreaking. Quite literally for Hardy. I just want him to get all the negative emotions towards his wife out on her and make sure she understand the enormity of what SHE did, that SHE let a killer go free because SHE couldn't get a hold of her hormones and loins.

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I mentioned this in the other thread, but if they revisit Sandbrook, maybe Eve Myles will play Alec hardy's exwife. 


I'm bummed we have to wait an additional month for season two and I also hope that BBCA won 't do the hatchet job they did for season one.

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Honestly the show doesn't need a murder especially in such a small town. This isn't Cabot Cove or Rosewood. I think the emotional and psychological effects of having such a well respected man be the killer on the town will be enough. Who can you trust when the husband of a well respected police officer is a pedophile?

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So is this the thread for people who haven't yet got series 2? What about speculation arising as the show is being aired (e.g., UK, Ireland, NZ, Canada)?

I don't want to spoil Australian and U.S. viewers, who won't be getting this for a while but it would be nice to speculate on upcoming episodes.

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In other UK airing first shows, such as Downton Abbey, there is a no spoilers speculation thread for US viewers and for UK viewers (where current episodes could be included but not spoilers.) I can create those topics should people want. 


In this topic, spoilers abound, so posting speculation about what's aired in the UK would be fine. 

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Here's your place to post spoilers and your speculations about future episodes.

Viewers post your questions about the upcoming story arcs for the characters and the show in general here. Those who've already seen the episodes go ahead and answer those questions here. .

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From the discussion for episode 1:

Wordsworth asked:

Whatever happened to Grandma anyway?

In episode 2, we see Beth visiting her mother's grave

And since it will come up, characters missing from series 2 without explanation in the show: Chloe's boyfriend Dean and the out-of-town reporter who was on Hardy's trail, Karen White. From the e-books we learn Dean has gone to New Zealand to work on a sheep farm and Karen's taken a correspondant's job in Dubai. P.S. The psychic's also gone but we do see him in a flashback.

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