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Block Parties on FXX: Sundays

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Hey guys! We had fun in the marathon topic and since FXX is going to be running some themed blocks I thought it might be fun to stay on top of that and let you guys know when they do cool ones. 


This Sunday 9/7 there will be an all Sideshow Bob block from 4pm - 7:30pm EDT with the following episodes:

4pm Black Widower - To Bart's horror, Selma announces that her husband-to-be is none other than Sideshow Bob.

4:30pm Cape Feare - Sideshow Bob terrorizes Bart after he is paroled from prison. (my personal fave!)

5pm Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming - Sideshow Bob threatens to detonate a nuclear bomb unless television is abolished.

5:30pm Brother from Another Series - Bart fears the worst when Sideshow Bob wins release from prison by claiming he is a reformed man-and is hired by his brother to work on a construction project. (my second fave SSB ep!)

6pm Day of the Jackanapes - Sideshow Bob wins release from prison and hypnotizes Bart to kill Krusty the Clown.

6:30pm The Great Louse Detective - When someone attempts to murder Homer, Sideshow Bob is released from prison to help identify the culprit before he strikes again.

7pm The Italian Bob - The Simpsons travel to Italy to retrieve Mr. Burn's expensive new sports car.only to encounter Sideshow Bob and his murderous family.

7:30pm The Bob Next Door - Bart is convinced that his new neighbor is Sideshow Bob, even though the man looks nothing like his arch enemy.

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I'm surprised that they aren't showing Sideshow Bob Roberts - I think that's a much better episode than Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming.  But Cape Feare is always awesome.


I'm guessing that I'll be watching The Simpsons enough that I'll catch when they announce what the next lock party will be. 

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Sunday 9/14: (all times are EDT) Lisa's Crush's Block!

4pm : Lisa's Substitute - Lisa develops a crush on her substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom. Bergstrom tells Homer he must learn to act as a positive role model for his daughter.

4:30pm: I Love Lisa - Lisa feels pity for Ralph, a nerdy classmate, and gives him a card on Valentine's Day. But to her horror, Ralph develops a crush on her.

5pm: Lisa's Date with Density - Lisa develops a crush on bully Nelson Muntz. Homer uses an automatic telephone dialer for an electronic panhandling scheme.

5:30pm: Dude, Where's My Ranch? - While vacationing at a dude ranch, Lisa falls for a cute 13-year-old cowboy; Homer vows to stop beavers who've dammed a river and kept Native Americans from their land.

6pm: Homer Scissorhands - Homer discovers a talent for cutting women's hair; Lisa becomes puzzled when a pretty girl at school shows an interest in Milhouse.

6:30pm: The Daughter Also Rises - As Valentine's Day approaches, Marge grows concerned when Lisa finds a boyfriend; Bart and Milhouse set out on a "mythbusting" mission at Springfield Elementary.

7pm: What Animated Women Want - In an episode that focuses on the choices people make and their outcomes, Homer attempts to save his marriage; Milhouse woos Lisa.

7:30pm: Adventures in Baby-Getting - Marge decides she wants to conceive another child; Bart realizes Lisa is up to something mysterious and vows to find out what it is.

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My DVR died expectantly and I lost it.


If we were watching you when you realized it, would we have been able to pinpoint the second when your heart rips in half?


Since I Love Lisa has so many classic moments, I always forget that one of my favorite songs is in it " We are the mediocre presidents!"

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9/21/14 (All times are EDT) Bart Job Block! 

3:30pm - "Bart the Murderer" - Bart fraternizes with a gang of mobsters and becomes the prime suspect when Principal Skinner mysteriously disappears.

4pm- "Bart Gets Famous" - Bart becomes an instant celebrity after he ad-libs a line during a sketch on the “Krusty the Klown Show.”

4:30pm - "Homer's Enemy" - A resentful, hard-working employee at the power plant makes Homer his enemy. Bart purchases an abandoned factory for one dollar at a government auction.

5pm - "Girly Edition" - Bart attempts to upstage Lisa when the pair co-host a children's news program. Homer obtains a helper monkey.

5:30pm - "Bart Carney" - A carnival worker and his son move in with the Simpsons after Homer costs them their jobs.

6pm - "Bart the Mother" - Bart tends to a nest filled with eggs after he inadvertently kills a bird with a BB gun.

6:30pm - "The Great Money Caper" - Homer and Bart become scam artists when the family is faced with the cost of a sudden car repair.

7pm - "'The Book Job" - After Lisa discovers that her favorite author doesn't exist, Homer forms a literary gang in hopes of writing a bestselling “tween” novel and raking in millions.

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Sunday's Block Party : It's all Krusty! :D

9/28/2014 (All times are EDT)

4pm: Krusty Gets Busted - When Homer positively identifies Krusty the Clown as an armed robber, Bart attempts to clear his idol's name.

4:30pm: Like Father, Like Clown - Bart and Lisa scheme to reunite Krusty the Clown with his father, Rabbi Krustofsky, who disowned him for not carrying on the family tradition.

5pm: Krusty Gets Kancelled - Bart, Lisa and a group of celebrities help Krusty turn his career around after his television show is cancelled.

5:30pm: The Last Temptation of Krust - Krusty shuns his old routines in favor of edgier material-and suddenly becomes the hottest comic in show business.

6pm: Insane Clown Poppy - Krusty discovers that he fathered a child during the Gulf War.only to gamble away his daughter's precious violin during a poker game with Fat Tony.

6:30pm: Today I Am a Clown - When Krusty takes the Sabbath off so he can study for his bar mitzvah, he chooses Homer as temporary guest host. But when Homer's career unexpectedly takes off, Krusty finds himself out of a job.

7pm: Once Upon a Time in Springfield - Krusty ends up playing second fiddle to Princess Penelope, a new character on his show, only to end up falling in love with the actress who plays her.

7:30pm: The Ten-Per-Cent Solution - After being fired from his popular kids' show, Krusty stages a comeback with help from an agent who's also an old flame.

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Belated block info! Thanks rubaco for the link! 

Homer & Bart Sunday 10/5 (all times EDT)

3pm: Saturdays of Thunder - Realizing he has not been a good father to Bart, Homer aids his son in building a soap box racer.

3:30pm: Brother from the Same Planet - Bart tires of Homer's lack of interest in him and chooses another father from the Bigger Brother program. Lisa struggles to kick the habit of dialing a 900 number.

4pm: Homer's Phobia - Homer grows homophobic after he realizes the family's new friend is gay.

4:30pm: Lard of the Dance - Homer thinks he can net a fortune by recycling grease. Lisa helps organize a school dance.

5pm: The Parent Rap - A stern judge rules that Homer and Bart are to be tethered together, and later, Homer and Marge are declared bad parents and placed in old-fashioned wooden stocks.

5:30pm: I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot - Homer builds a fighting robot for Bart, but finds he must hide inside the device to make it work; Lisa searches for a replacement for Snowball II when the cat is run over by a car.

6pm: We're on the Road to D'ohwhere - After Bart gets into trouble at school, Homer drives Bart to Oregon, where he'll attend a behavior modification camp; Marge inadvertently becomes a popular drug dealer after she sells some of Homer's expired pain medications during a yard sale.

6:30pm: Homer the Father - Homer uses plotlines from a 1980's sitcom to deal with Bart when the boy grows obsessed with obtaining a cool mini-bike; Bart attempts to trade nuclear secrets to the Chinese government.

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This Sunday's Block Party is Marge Is In Charge. 

Follow the multiple careers of Marge Simpson tomorrow at 4 PM on FXX:  http://youtu.be/io4JsZ8oJN4

Sunday October 12, 2014 (All times EDT)

4pm: Marge Gets a Job - When the foundation to the Simpsons' house is need of an expensive repair, Marge takes a position at the power plant where Homer works.

4:30pm: The Springfield Connection - Marge decides to enroll to the police force when she finds such an experience exhilarating after having chasing Snake and having him arrested after a conned Three-card Monte game. She is then qualified as an official police officer after taking training.

5pm: The Twisted World of Marge Simpson - After being expelled from an investment club, Marge starts her own pretzel franchise.

5:30pm: Realty Bites - Marge gets a job with a realty firm, but her honesty costs her lucrative sales. Homer purchases a 60s hot-rod convertible at a police auction.

6pm: Mommie Beerest-  Homer mortgages his house to save Moe's bar, but Marge ends up taking control of the business—and spends so much time with Moe that Homer fears his marriage is in trouble.

6:30pm: Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em - Marge starts her own carpentry business, only to discover that men don't trust a woman to do the job; Bart discovers that Skinner is allergic to peanuts.

7pm: Husband's & Knives - After Marge launches a gym for “regular women” and becomes a successful businessperson, Homer decides to have his stomach stapled so she'll find him more attractive.

7:30pm: Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes - Homer and Flanders team-up as bounty hunters; Marge makes confections for an erotic bakery.

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This Sunday is also a Treehouse of Horror Block Party! October 19 all times EDT

4pm: Season 17: On Halloween, Bart is replaced by a robotic boy after he falls into a coma; Burns hunts down Homer in a most dangerous game; a witch transforms trick-or-treaters into the costumes they're wearing.

4:30pm: Season 18: The Simpsons appear in three bone-chilling tales of horror: Homer turns into a rampaging blob after a meteor falls to Earth; a legendary creature from Jewish folklore does Bart's bidding; a radio broadcast convinces townspeople they're being invaded by aliens from another planet.

5pm: Season 19: In three horrific tales of Halloween terror: Homer and Marge attempt to eliminate one another after discovering their secret identities; Bart and Lisa aid Kodos the space alien, unaware of his true intentions; Flanders uses the seven deadly sins to punish Bart and his prankster friends.

5:30pm: Season 20: On Halloween, Transformer-like robots duke it out in Springfield; Homer kills off celebrities so their likenesses can be exploited; the Simpsons appear in a spoof of a “Peanuts” Halloween special.

6pm: Season 21: Classic movie monsters are attacked by their spouses; Lisa and Bart exchange murders in a Hitchcock spoof; Bart is the key to saving Springfield from zombies; Moe's microbrewery mixes beer with Homer's blood.

6:30pm: Season 22: Bart and Milhouse use their videogame skills to save Springfield after classic board games threaten to destroy the city; a “Dead Calm” spoof features a vacationing Homer and Marge rescuing a stranger who may or may not be a murderer; Lisa falls in love with a hunky vampire in a spoof of the “Twilight” films.

7pm: Season 23: In three terrifying Halloween tales, Homer discovers a unique way to communicate with his family after he's paralyzed by a spider-bite; a spoof of “Dexter” features Homer tricking Flanders into murdering his enemies; a spoof of the movie “Avatar” features Bart as a tentacled alien.

7:30pm: Season 24: In these three Halloween tales, a black hole threatens to destroy Springfield; the Simpsons are terrorized by the unknown in a spoof of “Paranormal Activity”; Bart time travels in a spoof of “Back to the Future.”

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I had a lot stuff I should have done yesterday but for most of the day, I was just watching the marathon.  Some may say it was a beautiful day outside and I should have gone out but I still say it was lousy Smarch weather so I'm glad I stayed inside.

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Looks like the theme this Sunday is Theme Parks (do carnivals count?) Starting at 4pm EST on FXX

4pm SN:19 EP:17 "Apocalypse Cow" - Bart is overjoyed when the calf he's raising is judged Best in Show—until he realizes the animal is going to be slaughtered.

4:30pm SN:9 EP:12 "Bart Carny" - A carnival worker and his son move in with the Simpsons after Homer costs them their jobs.

5pm SN:4 EP:13 "Selma's Choice" Selma decides to take her dead aunt's advice and have children before it is too late.

5:30pm SN:6 EP:4 "Itchy & Scratchy Land" The Simpsons visit a theme park based on the gratuitously violent Itchy and Scratchy cartoons.

6pm SN:8 EP:9 "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)" - After ingesting several Guatemalan peppers during chili cook-off, Homer experiences hallucinatory visions that inspire him to find his true soul mate in life.

6:30pm SN:12 EP:19 "I'm Goin' to Praiseland" - To fulfill his dead wife's final wish, Ned Flanders converts an old, closed amusement park into a new Christian amusement park, “Praiseland.” The park flops until visitors begin having “visions.”
7pm SN:12 EP:15 "Hungry, Hungry Homer" Homer goes on a hunger strike after learning that the owner of the Springfield Isotopes plans on moving the team to Albuquerque.

7:30pm SN:14 EP:7 "Special Edna" - When Bart gets Mrs. Krabappel nominated for Teacher of the Year, the family heads for Orlando to attend the ceremony. But Skinner fears he may lose Krabappel forever…and asks Bart to sabotage the affair.

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Sunday December 7 it's a Holiday Block Party! (All times EST)


4pm: Season 7 Episode 11: Marge Be Not Proud
Bart is accused of shoplifting and panics when Marge plans a family portrait at the same store. Voice cast includes Julie Kavner, Dan Castellaneta and Nancy Cartwright.
4:30pm: Season 9 Episode 10: Simpsons Christmas - Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
Bart accidentally destroys the family's Christmas presents and evades blame by claiming they were stolen by a burglar, prompting the Springfield residents to open their hearts and wallets in an overwhelming show of charity towards the family. With the guest voice of American TV presenter Alex Trebek
5pm: Season 12 Episode 8: Skinner's Sense of Snow
A snowstorm leaves Bart, Lisa and their fellow students trapped inside Springfield Elementary and it is not long before the pupils are running amok. Homer and Ned Flanders are left to mount the rescue operation to save the kids - and Principal Skinner
5:30pm: Season 13 Episode 6: She of Little Faith
Mr Burns takes over the running of the local church and turns it into a profit-making business, prompting a disgusted Lisa to leave the congregation in protest and become a Buddhist instead. Featuring the guest voice of Richard Gere
6pm: Season 15 Episode 7: Simpsons Christmas - 'Tis the 15th Season
When Homer spends all the family's Christmas money on himself, he is forced to spend a night on the couch and consider his actions. He resolves to turn over a new leaf and become a do-gooder. However, his kindness rivals that of Ned Flanders' and the neighbours embark on a battle for supremacy
6:30pm: Season 17 Episode 9: Simpson Christmas Stories
Three animated shorts with Homer and the family as they get up to their usual misadventures during the festive season. The Rev Lovejoy's car breaks down, meaning Homer must deliver the nativity sermon. Grampa vows to exact revenge on Santa Claus for breaking a promise in years gone by, and the Springfield residents celebrate Yuletide in their own chaotic way
7pm: Season 22 Episode 8: Simpsons Christmas - The Fight Before Christmas
Four tales celebrating the festive season. Bart hatches a plan to hold Santa Claus hostage, while in a 1940s-set story, Lisa refuses to give in to the holiday spirit until her mother returns home safe from the Battle of the Bulge. Home improvement expert Martha Stewart helps out a desperate Marge, and Katy Perry leads the family in a rendition of The 39 Days of Christmas
7:30pm: Season 23 Episode 9: Holidays of Future Passed
In an episode set 30 years in the future, Bart and Lisa now have families of their own and decide to spend Christmas with Homer and Marge. However, when they turn to their parents for advice, the pair discover they have more in common with their mother and father than they realised

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Sunday December 14th, 4pm - 8pm (All times EST) My brain is fried so someone make the connections on the theme of this block party! :D


4pm: Season 6 Episode 2: Lisa's Rival
Lisa applies for a prestigious position in the school band, but loses out to new classmate Allison - who starts outstripping her in the popularity stakes. Upset at being relegated to second place, she resorts to sabotage in a bid to beat her rival. With the guest voice of Winona Ryder
4:30pm: Season 11 Episode 5: E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)
The family relocates to an abandoned farm, where Homer discovers he has a talent for growing tomatoes - which prove highly addictive and soon attract the attention of unscrupulous rival businesses. Featuring the guest voices of the B-52s
5:00pm: Season 13 Episode 10: Half-Decent Proposal
When Homer's snoring becomes too much to bear, a drunken Marge makes contact with her super-rich high-school prom date Artie Ziff. He offers Homer $1million for the privilege of spending a weekend with Marge to see what his life would have been like had they stayed together. With the guest voice of Jon Lovitz
5:30pm: Season 16 Episode 5: Fat Man and Little Boy
Bart loses his last baby tooth, and as a final gift from the tooth fairy, a donation is given to charity in his name. Depressed at getting old, he wears a T-shirt to school bearing an adult joke, and is accosted by a marketing manager wanting to commercialise the new product. Eric Idle guest stars
6:00pm: Season 21 Episode 11: Million Dollar Maybe
Homer wins $1million on the lottery, but keeps it a secret from his family, fearing Marge's reaction if she discovers his reasons for missing their date. He and Bart set about spending the money, and buy front-row tickets to a Coldplay concert. With the guest voice of Chris Martin
6:30pm: Season 23 Episode 6: The Book Job
Homer creates a team, including author Neil Gaiman, to write the next hit 'tween' book; after receiving an advance copy of the work from his publisher, Homer learns there's more to the business than he imagined.
7:00pm: Season 24 Episode 21: The Saga of Carl Carlson
Homer, Moe and Lenny go in pursuit of Carl when he skips town with $200,000 in winnings from a lottery ticket he bought with them. However, their search makes them realise how little they know about their friend and almost reaches a dead-end until Lisa points them in the direction of Iceland. Featuring music by Sigur Rós
7:30pm: Season 25 Episode 15: The War of Art
When Lisa's new guinea pig destroys a painting in the family's living room, Marge and Homer pick up a replacement at the Van Houtens' yard sale. However, when they realise their purchase could be a lost, valuable masterpiece they must decide whether to keep all of the possible windfall or share it with Milhouse and his family

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Sunday Dec 28, 4pm - 8pm All times are EST

The theme is MOE! or How I Learned to Never Stop Drinking and Love the Bomb

4:00pm Season 3 Episode 10: Moe: Flaming Moe's
Moe steals Homer's idea for a new cocktail and uses it to revive his tavern's flagging fortunes - a move that does not go down too well in the Simpson household. Featuring the voices of rock band Aerosmith, who make Moe's their official nightly hang-out
4:30pm Season 4 Episode 16: Duffless
Lisa schemes to get her own back on Bart for destroying the prize tomato she grew for a science project. Meanwhile, Homer is arrested for drink-driving and finds himself having to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Animation, with the voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner and Nancy Cartwright
5:00pm Season 8 Episode 18: Homer vs. the 18th Amendment
Strong men are left quaking by the news that alcohol has been made illegal in Springfield. Luckily salvation is at hand in the form of prohibition-busting bootlegger Homer, who brews his own beer to meet demand. Featuring the guest voice of Joe Mantegna
5:30pm Season 11 Episode 18: Days of Wine and D'Oh'ses
Barney decides to clean up his act and stop drinking - much to the dismay of Moe. The bartender fears his profits will nosedive, and recruits Homer to become Springfield's new resident alcoholic
6:00pm Season 13 Episode 3: Homer the Moe
Moe refurbishes his bar, turning it into a swanky establishment for Springfield's beautiful people. Unfortunately, he alienates all his regulars in the process - so Homer begins selling booze from his garage. With the guest voices of REM
6:30pm Season 15 Episode 15: Co-Dependent's Day
Bart and Lisa are so disappointed by the latest Cosmic Wars film that they decide to visit the creator Randall Curtis at his ranch in California. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge take a trip to the local vineyard - a jaunt that ends with a drunken Homer crashing the car. He hauls a comatose Marge into the driver's seat - where she wakes up and convinces herself she needs rehabilitation
7:00pm Season 22 Episode 11: Flaming Moe
Moe achieves massive success when he turns the tavern into a gay bar, but keeps his hetrosexuality a secret to remain in his new clientele's favour. However, the decision backfires when the pub's new regulars encourage him to run for office and become Springfield's first openly gay councilman. Meanwhile, Principal Skinner falls for a new music teacher. Guest starring Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) and Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother)
7:30pm Season 24 Episode 19: Whiskey Business
Homer and Marge help a suicidal Moe get a new lease on life and Moe's homemade alcohol pings the radar of venture capitalists. Elsewhere, Grandpa gets hurt at home and finds Bart takes better care of him than the nursing home staff does, and Lisa complains about the "exploitation" of her dead jazz mentor Bleeding Gums Murphy after he 'performs' at a concert as a projected image.

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Block party Sunday 1/11/15 all times EST: looks like the theme is UP with Kids of Springfield!


3;30 pm "Bart's Friend Falls in Love" Ep.23 Sn.3
Bart becomes jealous when Milhouse falls for a girl who transferred to their school.
4pm "Lemon of Troy" Ep.24 Sn.6
Bart and his friends march on Shelbyville when Springfield's lemon tree is stolen by a gang of children from across the border.
4:30pm "Bart on the Road" Ep.20 Sn.7
Using a fake driver's license, Bart rents a car and embarks on a Spring Break road trip with his friends. A special bond develops between Lisa and Homer after Skinner invents Go To Work With Your Parents Day.
5pm "Das Bus" Ep.14 Sn.9
Bart, Lisa and their classmates fight for survival when they become stranded on a remote island. Homer starts his own business on the Internet.
5:30pm "Wild Barts Can't Be Broken" Ep.11 Sn.10
The children of Springfield rebel after Wiggum enforces a curfew.
6pm "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore" Ep.12 Sn.15
When Milhouse and his mother relocate to Capital City, Bart strikes up a friendship with Lisa; Homer makes money by pretending to be a transient.
6:30pm "The Debarted" Ep.13 Sn.19
Bart befriends a new kid at school, unaware that he's a snitch; after his car is damaged in an accident, Homer ends up with a fancy loaner.
7pm "Hardly Kirk-ing" Ep.13 Sn.24
With Bart's help, Milhouse transforms into his father; Homer discovers a talent for finding things in hidden-picture books.

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Block Party for 1/18/15 - All times EST (looks like they moved this week up a half hour) - I just had an emergency appendectomy so my theme generator isn't working! Post your ideas please so we can figure it out! 


2:30pm:  "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jómer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)" Ep.9 Sn.8
After ingesting several Guatemalan peppers during chili cook-off, Homer experiences hallucinatory visions that inspire him to find his true soul mate in life.
3pm: "Lisa the Vegetarian" Ep.5 Sn.7
Lisa turns vegetarian after her family visits a petting zoo.
3:30pm: "A Fish Called Selma" Ep.19 Sn.7
Troy McClure stages a Hollywood comeback when he begins dating Selma.
4pm: "Homer the Smithers" Ep.17 Sn.7
Homer acts as Mr. Burns' assistant while Smithers is away on vacation.
4:30pm: "The Joy of Sect" Ep.13 Sn.9
Marge tries her hand at deprogramming after her family is brainwashed by a religious cult.
5pm: "Mayored to the Mob" Ep.9 Sn.10
Homer takes on the mob when he acts as Mayor Quimby's bodyguard.
5:30pm: "Weekend at Burnsie's" Ep.16 Sn.13
When Homer is attacked by crows, he's prescribed medical marijuana to help relieve the pain…leading Burns to promote his happy employee to executive vice president of the power plant.
6pm: "How I Spent My Strummer Vacation" Ep.2 Sn.14
When a hidden camera tapes Homer lamenting that having a family meant kissing goodbye his dreams of becoming a rock ‘n' roll star, Marge enrolls him a fantasy rock star camp run by The Rolling Stones.
6:30pm: "Simple Simpson" Ep.19 Sn.15
Homer confronts evildoers in the form of his crime-fighting alter ego, the Pie Man—until Mr. Burns blackmails him into throwing a pie at the Dalai Lama.
7pm: "Don't Fear the Roofer" Ep.16 Sn.16
Homer ends up in a mental institution after Marge grows convinced the contractor he befriended is a figment of his imagination; Marge allows Santa's Little Helper to stay at Grampa's retirement home.

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Sunday Jan 25, all times EST Looks like this is a block all about MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY!


3:30pm: "You Only Move Twice" Ep.2 Sn.8
The Simpsons relocate to another community after Homer unwittingly takes a job with a company controlled by a super-villain.
4pm: "The Trouble with Trillions" Ep.20 Sn.9
When a tax audit lands him in hot water, Homer goes undercover for the government—and attempts to retrieve a trillion dollar note from Mr. Burns.
4:30pm: "Half-Decent Proposal" Ep.10 Sn.13
Marge's ex-boyfriend, now one of the world's richest men, offers Homer a million dollars in exchange for a weekend with her, to see what “might have been.”
5pm: "MyPods and Boomsticks" Ep.7 Sn.20
Homer thinks Bart's new Muslim friend belongs to a family of terrorists; Lisa acquires her first iPod-like device.
5:30pm: "Double, Double, Boy in Trouble" Ep.3 Sn.20
Bart swaps places with his exact double unaware that the double's wealthy siblings are plotting murder.
6pm: "The Burns and the Bees" Ep.8 Sn.20
As Lisa tries to find a habitat for endangered bees, Mr. Burns builds a state-of-the-art sports arena which happens to look like a giant hive.
6:30pm: "Judge Me Tender" Ep.23 Sn.21
Moe discovers a talent for judging contests, leading to an appearance on the television series “American Idol;” Homer drives Marge crazy when he begins hanging around the house.
7pm: "Loan-a Lisa" Ep.2 Sn.22
Lisa donates money to a microfinance bank to help Nelson's custom bicycle company; Homer games the system by purchasing expensive items from stores and, after using them for a period of time, returns them for a refund.

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