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S18.E20: Qualifiers 5 / S18.E21: Qualifiers 5 Results

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Tuesday, September 19th - Eleven performers take the stage live from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium as judging is turned over to the audience to vote for their favorite performer to move to the final round.

Wednesday, September 20th - Two acts from the previous night's show move on to the final round of competition.

If you're watching after the initial airing, winners will be revealed. 

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The woman singing Tina Turner: this is all that’s wrong with the judging on this show. Howie was spot on with his criticism, but he was drowned out by the crowd and the other juju buzzing him. Why have judges if they boo and cancel out anything that is not 100% supportive? 
The judging is shit. Just joking and nonsense, then out of time. 

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Trying to do something more productive than sit in front of the computer while I watch, but Eseniia is too cute. I was a little afraid she was gonna put an eye out with that braid.

Mandy was fun, too (while I ate what passes for dinner at almost 9pm). Don't think she'll be moving on, but she entertained me.



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Ok, only one more week after this. Another dull night. 

  • Eduardo Antonio Trevino - a little shaky in the beginning, but he hits the big notes. 
  • Grace Good - "I don't know the scientific explanation.... but fire made it good." - H.J. Simpson
  • Lachuné - she has a nice voice, but I didn't love the song. 
  • Eseniia Mikheeva - too cutesy. I'm not interested. 
  • Mandy Muden - I agree with the judges, she's funny but the trick was underwhelming. Should stick to standup. 
  • Avantgardey - I guess I like quirky groups of Japanese girls, because I really liked them and that horn act a few weeks back. 
  • Trailer Flowers - crap. I would have buzzed them. 
  • Ramadhani Brothers - it's really just a guy walking up and down the stairs. With his brother on his head. Surprisingly compelling. 
  • Gabriel Henrique - much better singer than Lachune. 
  • Sangsoon Kim - I agree again with the judges, I thought his audition was pretty amazing. This lacked pop. 
  • 82nd Airborne Chorus - I hated their audition, so I was surprised that this was better. Song choice made it for them. 

82nd Airborne Chorus is a lock to go through. Gabriel Henrique and Ramadhani have a shot. Trailer Flowers, Mandy & Sangsoon are unlikely. 

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Short and Sweet

Eduardo Antonio - As a Mexican American I will be rooting for him to go through and to have a successful career, but I think he will be "home" in time to eat some homemade carne guisada tacos!

Grace Good - I actually liked her performance at first but when she dropped her baton I suddenly woke up and realized I really don't care for these acts.

Lachune - I was bored and I didn't realize it was a Tina Turner song until the end.  But, she will probably go through because.......

Eseniia - Cute but NO!

Mandy Muden - Slow and a mess!  Well, when she goes home tonight she can figure out what she wants to be a comedian or a lousy magician.

Avantgardey - Awsome!!  The best of the night.  They should go through easily.

Trailer Flowers - They were awful!

Ramadanhi Brothers - It was good and dangerous but I don't think I could see a whole show of this.

Gabriel Enrique - I though he was shouty.  His impression of Minnie Riperton might sway some votes his way.  He didn't have my vote.

Sangsoon Kim - He'll be home soon to work on his routine.

82nd Airborne Chorus - The good news...I think everyone appreciates them for their service.  Now, the not so good news...They are at best a very good military talent show act that I've seen come through my city.

Lachune and Gabriel are going through even though Avantgardey was light years better than either of the singers.  If either Lachune or Gabriel don't go through, one of them will get at least a "wild card" spot.


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The only one I'd actually like to see go through is the Japanese dance group. Other than that I think it'll be one of the singers. I would pick Gabbriel if I have to choose.

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Not cool, AGT.  Not cool at all.

There were two weeks with barely one, if any, acts worth a darn, and this week there was at least three, if not four who would be legit.

Eduardo blew it by making it all about the ending note.  I most enjoy Mariachi when they are playing festive/upbeat tunes.  This one took way too long to pick up the tempo and the young lad is not yet built to handle such.  The end was even underwhelming for me as it did not appear to me that he was belting it out, but moderating/limiting the volume in order to serve the crucial need to hit the correct tonality (which he did).  I'd love for them to advance, but this presentation probably doomed them.

Avantgardy was fabulous.  To me, their act took me back to DEVO.  The same style music (techno-pop) with a quirky appearance and sudden and sharp movement.  Basically, fun.  I think I detected one false move out of the hundreds (thousands?) presented.  In most any other week, their advancing would be a slam dunk.  I have a bad feeling they will not get the votes.  Oh...Simon can go mess himself for refusing to stand with applause as the other jidges did.  That visual probably killed them.

The muscle guys did a great job.  I just don't much care for that genre.  I think they are getting through and are certainly worthy.

Sangsoon's brand of magic is refreshing and fun.  He needed a mentor to help him identify to the audience what he was doing.  The signage was really bad.  I want him to go through, but he ain't.

Lachune murdered that song.  She deserves, and is gonna get, the AGT death penalty.

Gabriel did what he do and I believe he is going to the final.  Oh well.  The Airborne choir was in no way musically special.  But, the pimp spot just might put them through.

Wild card reveal is gonna be quite a thing.




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Top Five:

  • Grace Good vs Eduardo Antonio Trevino: No surprise.
  • 82nd Airborne Division Chorus vs Sangsoon Kim vs Mandy Muden: Of course.
  • Trailer Flowers vs Eseniia Mikheeva vs Avantgardey: Two groups of three this time? You're throwing me off, Show. 
  • Lachune vs Ramadanhi Brothers vs Gabriel Henrique: Meh. I was bored during their act. But then I don't want Lachune to go through, either.
  • Lachune vs Gabriel Henrique: Definitely the better choice of singer.

Top Three:

  • Ramadanhi Brothers 
  • 82nd Airborne Division Chorus
  • Gabriel Henrique

Top Two moving on:

  • 82nd Airborne Division Chorus
  • Ramadanhi Brothers

Meh. Would not have picked either one of 'em.

Wild Card nominees:

  • Simon: Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy
  • Sofia: Gabriel Henrique
  • Heidi: Herwan Legaillard
  • Howie: Avantgardey

Love Reba, she's adorable; still not a country fan.

Wild Card audience vote winner:

  • Avantgardey



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In Real Estate, it is Location, Location, and Location.  On AGT it's all about Placement, Placement, Placement.

Airborne?  Really?  Against the others this week who didn't make the Final Two?  That's the way the SYCO cookie crumbles.

I like Reba, but boy, has her voice diminished.  

I wonder if AGT intentionally put the most worthy acts on the last audition ep in order to give them a max chance in the Wild Card.  I'm very glad Howie nommed Avantgardy, but it is difficult for me to believe he would have done so if given a completely free vote.

I wanted the Warriors tumbling/dance act from India to get the nod tonight, but the choice made was excellent, as well.

I wanted to add to my comments about last night's ep...Major kudos to Russell Norman, the Director.  I have never seen a better capture of such a complicated act as Avantgardy.  His Assistants who helped map out the shots did a fantastic job, too.  The Art Direction/Stage Set was tops, as well.

The pacing of the announcements tonight was great.  Amazing what can happen when you have to carve out room for something else - in this case the Wild Card.

Prince Poppycock for the win!  Oh.  Hmmm...It really will come down to the choices made by the acts and their execution.  I hope for a bare minimum, if not full absence, of production shenanigans.





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In a rare moment on this mostly tedious and predictable show, I am both pleased and surprised that Avantgardey got the wildcard! 

The other 2 finalists? No surprise at all. 

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