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After a time capsule is unearthed at a local high school, a small Far North Queensland town is plunged back into the past, and the secrets of an unsolved murder of one of its students unravels.

Originally aired in Australia. 

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Love this show...only problem I'm having is being able to understand the dialogue due to the Aussie accents. The theme of the pull between the indigenous community to protect its own and the white world which is fraught with dysfunction and secrets is a very interesting theme...I don't know much about Australian politics and social issues so this show is kind of a learnng experience.

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For whatever reason, AMC split the last episode, to me at least, into two halves, and the DVR cut off just as Izzy reached the isolated shack.  I assume Victor caught up with them and killed her and the remaining Vanuatuan.  Is that about right?  And Izzy's sister kept Kalana's parentage secret all these years, too.

What was up with that last scene where Corman is watching the recording of someone in the empty room?  I think it had something to do with his father, but its significance?

ETA - After reading some recaps, that is what happened.  Also, the ending scene is Cormack's brother Ritchie meeting with his father, who hasn't entered the room yet.

Overall, I liked the series, although it was difficult to follow with all the flashbacks.  It's good to see something from a different culture on US TV.

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