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The Cheers Trivia Game


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What was the name of the drink that the guys hope will trip up Wayne the bartender in Home is the Sailor (season six opener)?

Guess which episode came next on my netflix queue just now?

Screaming Viking

What was the painting that consistently made Sam crack up laughing every time he saw it?

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Hell, I'm answering it: Eddie breaks a mirror and spills salt without throwing it over his left shoulder.

What was the relationship between Evan Drake and the waitress he forced Rebecca to hire?

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It was his daughter!



What is the name of Diane's childhood friend who shows up in season two (and who we never see again?) (answering just her first name is fine).

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I figured I'd try and awaken this thread:

On 10/15/2014 at 10:37 AM, cpcathy said:

What was Sam's baseball jersey number?


What was Nanny G's phone number?

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