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The Lying Life Of Adults

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Adaptation of Elena Ferrente novel (like My Brilliant Friend).  Trailer.

Giovanna if 15 going on 16, the only child of two left-wing parents, one an academic.

This is Naples in the '90s.

One day she overhears her father Andrea saying that she is starting to look like his estranged sister Vittoria.

So she becomes obsessed with meeting Vittoria, who lives alone in an impoverished part of Naples.  Vittoria is blunt and quick to badmouth anyone and everyone, so Gianni, as Vittoria calls her, is drawn in even more into her orbit.

Giovanna is impressionable to what her aunt says to her stays with her.  She then  sees her mother playing footsie with the father of her best friends Angela and Ida.  In fact they're close family friends, with her parents socializing all the time with this couple, the parents of her best friends.

She learns later that her mother went no further than playing footsie with the man but her father actually has been having an affair with the wife -- the mother of Angela and Ida -- and eventually leaves Nella, Giovanna's mother, and Giovanna.

She becomes hostile to her father especially and also to her mother for not despising Andrea for his infidelity.  Also pushed more towards Vittoria


"When you are little, everything seems big. When you are big, everything seems nothing.”

In the end, Vittoria has been lying to her as well and Gianni maybe becomes disillusioned about love, makes a pact with Ida to be cynical in their first sexual experiences and run away.

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