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S01.E06: Episode 6

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Jesse Kovacs was in Jillian's final 5 and actually came off quite "normal" that season.  At least he didn't bother me at all but then Wes was the main wrong reasons guy that season so who knows what Jesse was really like.


He really went downhill when he showed up on Bachelor Pad, had sex with Elizabeth and then made her cry.  Alot.  Since then he's been on the reunion circuit and meeting lots of ladies.  At least Elizabeth found herself another guy from the reject pile (Ty Brown) and now is married. 


I'm kind of disappointed Jesse turned out to be such a douche, as I found him to be the most attractive guy on Jillian's season. He lost points with me too on Bachelor Pad, but not because he treated Elizabeth poorly. The way I remember it, he was clear about wanting to see other women. But she kind of  threatened him into being partners, saying she would get the other women to vote him off if he wouldn't partner up with her. By the end of the season he was all brainwashed and gushing about their "relationship". Then I remember just thinking he was a lame pushover.


I don't really blame him for playing the field in "Paradise" either. Nothing wrong with dating a couple of girls and crossing a few sexual lines along the way. But the way he goes about expressing himself, he just comes off as an dishonest ass who has no respect for women.

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Jesse did an interview about the latest episode. A little self-awareness there, but I don't see it changing anybody's opinion of him.


I still like Kovaks. I liked him on Jillian

Whoops! Didn't finish my post! I've always like Kovaks! I liked him on Jillian's season and actually sided with him on bachelor pad. He was kind of in the same situation with Elizabeth that Graham is in with Ashlee, except Jesse was a turd and slept with Elizabeth. I tend to like the contestants that are honest about wanting a vacation with free booze!

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I don't really blame him for playing the field in "Paradise" either. Nothing wrong with dating a couple of girls and crossing a few sexual lines along the way. But the way he goes about expressing himself, he just comes off as an dishonest ass who has no respect for women.

I dislike Jesse, but I agree with you about there not being anything wrong with wanting to sleep around--if possible--in "Paradise" He seemed pretty blatant about it (and everyone pretty much knew his reputation, too). I didn't really think he led them on (too much) and ... it takes two. If the women didn't kick him out of their bed, or got talked into behavior they didn't want to do, then that's sad, but still kind of their responsibility. It's kind of hard to imagine someone on TB franchise who hasn't met a douche-y guy before.


I think what made Jesse one of the worst, was that awful smirk he could never lose and that he bragged to the other men about how he'd taken advantage of Chrissy and Lucy to get them both sleeping with him at the same time--and whatever else he did (inc. Lucy's apparent ..act in the forest). He was so rude and so disrespectful that he just turned everyone off. I'll be surprised/disappointed if he's quite as popular as he thinks when he gets back home. 


As for Brooks, I agree it's rude to label someone other than what they self-describe, but I remember some of the photos he had up...well, all I really can see is that he hasn't had any chemistry with anyone on TB. I'm surprised they didn't bring him on earlier or even from the beginning since he's a lot better known than some of these others. I mean... who is more boring than Zack? At least Brooks was animated in his THs and seemed to really want to stay. It would have been interesting to see if he and Sarah actually -would- have followed up her "crush" (and would have been more interesting than her and Robert...Zzzzzz....).

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My two cents in the beating of "dead horse Brooks": The gender issue annoys me more than the gay issue. I'm irritated by the fact that whenever a man displays socalled feminine qualities, his sexuality is questioned. (And vice versa with women who like sports, drink scotch and never wear high heels).


Okay, the painting of the nails and the love for musicals is definitly a topic for jokes. But to me that's it. Maybe I'll joke about a man being a bit effeminate, but it takes more than a few feminine qualities to make me really question a man's sexuality. I don't appreciate society's fixation on what is "natural" for men and women to do and like.

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Haven't watched any of this show since Episode 1 but decided to check out the thread today and with regards to the Brooks discussion, this has actually been a sticking point with me in this fandom for awhile, particularly in relation to The Bachelorette. Almost every season of The Bachelorette, without fail, there are always the comments about how many of the guys "are so clearly gay." And the majority of the time these comments come after the season premiere where half of the guys deemed "so obviously gay" never even say much in the episode. So that impression is made on nothing but the way they look. 


I remember how insistent some were during Emiily's season that Jef was gay because "he dressed in a gay way" (whatever that means) and he referenced a Chloe bag because "what straight guy would know about Chloe." Then there were the ones who were insistent that Sean was because he was a born again Christian and said he would not date anyone unless it was leading to marriage. Hell I even saw comments this past season during the first two episodes or so that Nick was gay. And with all these I remembered thinking "because that's not offensive at all." With regards to Brooks, granted I pretty much half-assed Des' season but the only thing I ever thought of him was that he looked kind of greasy and was unattractive. So I didn't understand why she was so hung up on him.

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As for Brooks, I agree it's rude to label someone other than what they self-describe, but I remember some of the photos he had up...well, all I really can see is that he hasn't had any chemistry with anyone on TB.


I think he's just comfortable with his sexuality and I for one find that attractive. Confident men don't worry about appearing gay and can even joke about it in a provocative way, which I think he was doing in those photos. Though my memory of them is a bit fuzzy. But I've only seen him date two women on this franchise and Des clearly wasn't right for him. I totally understood him leaving and thought it just showed his honest character. I think he actually liked Jackie and even tried to get a kiss, but she pulled the "I don't kiss on the first date" card, which I now think is her way of showing she's not interested.

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 I don't know how the producers selected who would be the original cast and who has the disadvantage of coming towards the end and needing to form a relationship instantly in order to stay on the show. 


I wonder if there was anyone left cooling their heels in the hotel.  The producers certainly seemed to have people ready for any eventuality- if Jesse had been there from the first episode, he likely would have been kicked off then without giving them anything interesting.  Instead, bring him on at a time when there are unattached women desperately looking for a rose, and instant drama.  I don't think that it was a surprise that Brooks didn't make an appearance until immediately after Sarah got together with Robert, but maybe I'm just giving the producers too much credit :-)  

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Yes, it's board reality to snark on people but I guess what I was trying to say was that being gay or acting gay was being treated as a negative trait like unkindness, or shit disturbing, or drinking too much, or having no respect for women, or being sexist or racist or any number of things that have been snarked about. Being gay (or straight, or bi) is not an action, it's just who they are. Another person's heterosexuality is not subject to the same derision.


If true, it would be a real negative for THIS show that those here are watching.  It may be unfair to surmise that he seems gay but people are posting gut reactions, and the basis for any negativity you see is that if true (who knows?) that 'mindset' would be kind of inappropriate for a show in which a slot is being taken for a guy who wants to find a female partner.  Why would anyone do that? -- for the same reasons others who may be of the straight persuasion and "for the wrong reasons" might -- to get modeling or acting jobs, to become a celebrity, to make money (like Sean and Catherine, for being Bachelor celebs).  Whatever, I find Brook engaging, and he seems more interesting than most of the guys on the show.

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I've only caught the occasional episode of the Bachelor/Bachelorette/etc, but in the few bits I caught with Brooks in Desiree's season, he seemed sort of calmly okay with himself. 99% of the people on the show seem to have weird confidence/ego/security issues and ultimately seem really fragile. I've never really seen that with Brooks, so he tends to stand out.


But dude showed up looking too much like Leisure Suit Larry.


I thought his date with Jackie looked fun, it seemed like a real date with a legitimate conversation (although he was too distracted by her looks to pay attention!) Playing fooseball looked like the most fun we've seen on the island. I also find that type of man highly attractive - he comes across as somewhat intelligent and as if he rides a Kawasaki motorcycle (highly attractive when you're in your twenties). In contrast, I find Zack to be overly tanned and boring, in personality and looks. However, I do get your point about Leisure Suit Larry - one of my favourite games from the 80s by the way. 

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