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S15.E12: Sex, Lies and Video-Phones

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Kandi heads home early from Portugal, leaving the fallout from her argument with Drew behind. After a visit to a healing sound bath, old wounds reopen and threaten to derail Sheree's trip. Marlo gets into hot water after sharing private videos. Kenya and Courtney hash it out over the meaning of karma.

Airdate: 07.30.2023

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I watched last weeks and this weeks episodes and have no clue as to what was happening, I have questions,

Did Marlo tape Drew making out with LaToya and if so how are we just learning this now?

Did one of the friends of get involved and now Drew is misdirecting her anger towards one of the friends?

How did Ralph get Marlo's phone number if we are being organic about things?

Drew is awfully worried about Ralph in Las Vegas but does not mention his disappearing act from a couple of seasons ago, clearly Ralph does not need to be in Las Vegas to stray, he can do it anywhere.

Once again they are doing some sound bath to heal (or "hill" if you are Sheree), it never works, I wish the HW's would be more original.

Sheree insisting all the women go on line and buy her overpriced sweats but the HW's cannot complete the purchase because the website is wonky and she gets mad for not being supported, really, you just witnessed the malfunction and yet you are still mad at them for not buying your stuff? 



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I’m sick of the phrase “keep my name out of your mouth.” It’s stupid. 
Drews outfits are some of the ugliest I’ve seen. She’s got a muppet vibe going on. 
I often like Sanya’s looks but the pants with the word Balenciaga over them were ugly. Also those blue nails are too long. 

I don’t think bringing back cheek bones is going to do anything to save the season. 

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I don't know what we did to deserve so much Courtney screentime this season, but whatever it was I apologize for it.

Also, any and everybody who unironically tries to use karma as a weapon can go straight to hell. The idea the Kenya fell but Marlo or anybody else escaped slipping because Kenya is especially or uniquely "mean" is laughable. As the great Julia Sugarbaker once said, "Get serious! If God was giving out STDs to people as a punishmenf for sinning, you would be at the free clinic all the time."

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