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If I Stay (2014)

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In order to get out of a BBQ invite where I live, I decided to go see this yesterday. It seemed like it could be bad but the cast seemed solid. Ugh. At one point I considered leaving. It was based on a YA book and I suppose it lifted the material as high as it could have lifted it but it was all pathetic teen angst.


- the main character falls in *love* with the rebel rock band lead singer. Really?

- Said rebel rock band lead singer falls for her because she plays classical. And he doesn't. see?

- Good girl has a chance at Jullard and this tears them apart because they would be far from each other.

- Good girl gets in a car accident that kills her entire family and puts her in a coma and her only choice then is if she should give up her fight and just be with them or if she should wake up to be with Adam and go to Julliard.


The whole thing irked me. I don't understand the decision she is supposed to be making. Obviously she should fight to live but not for Adam or Juliard... but because she will die eventually so it isn't like she won't see her family again. So why not fight for life - something her family would want for her. And spare me the cliche'd love story. Sweety I hate to tell you, but teenage love isn't love.  That fact is set up by the constant angst over her going to college in New York. If it is true love, what is 4 years apart? Seems obvious that they both are upset because they realize their "love" will only last if they are in the same place.

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