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I found this an interesting idea, even if the execution feels a bit awkward.  Then again I've only seen one episode so far. 


I'm unsure if this concept would have been better or worse if the contestants never actually met.  The idea of them being anonymous to each other during the actual competition rounds and ratings is interesting, but the attempts at double blinds to hide their identity (like cooking in a non-obvious style to what people know about them) and trying to guess partners identity, may not be helping the show.




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At some point during the show, once there are less contestants or when most people know who the aliases really are, there should have been a move to make the judging by an impartial panel.  People trying to guess who made which dish every round and judging based on that rather than the actual food (or especially those like Poonam who try to vote to move ahead or stick it to the chef who got her kicked off).  It was frustrating for me to watch the latter episodes and see who skated by, based on the admitted preference of most contestants to push forward the least deserving to make the competition easier.

I really wish the French chef had been able to have a longer tenure on the show to see what he could do.  A straight out of the gate double elimination for a team was a very poor idea indeed.

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This show is harder to rig than most, but if I see ne more chef burn their caramel, I’m going to throw something at my TV. And she’s supposed to be a professional chef???

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I liked it and thought it was a cute, fun, and creative little show.  Yes, I wanted Leon to win but the judging was always fair throughout.  Good for David Chang.   I hope there will be another season.

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