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Favorite Quotes: "Oh My Gosh!"

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Though not as quotable as other shows, as I am rewatching the first season, there are a few that make me smile and laugh:


"Well, if my legs are just okay, then your work was...not bad."


"That is so petty."


"Care to change your opinion?"



"She thinks you're cute."


"I am cute."


"Not that cute."




"Why didn't you go by yourself?"


"On a Friday night? Do you know how pathetic that is?"



"Go...leave me!"


"Leave me, he says,"


"That's what they tell us to say. Thank God you never listen to me."

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Amanda? With those jackals? Billy, are you crazy?!"




"Hey, baby, what's happenin'?"


"Where'd you get the ancient threads?"




"Is he as stuffy as he looks? You know, head in the clouds?"


"Dull as a stick."




"Hey Toots! Heard any good opera, lately?"

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"How did you know it was me?"


"Who else do I know whose last words would be 'Oh My Gosh!"


`"Odds on a Dead Pigeon"




"You see, I'm a housewife."


"She's a houswife."


"I don't know how to drive a stick shift."


"Take it from me, Gino, she doesn't know how to drive a stick shift."


`"Car Wars"




"How much trouble can I get into walking on the deck?"


"If anyone can manage it, you can."


`"Ship of Spies"



"Take off your belt."




"Take off your belt. Please don't ask me to tell you again."




"Take off your belt."


`"Double Agent"

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I'm procrastinating, and my latest tactic is trying to recall quotes from this show.


"Tell the big fellow to keep quiet."

"Quiet, big fellow."


I love so much from that episode (when the Russians think Amanda is Scarecrow).  "I don't know how anyone could mistake me for you, you're so much taller."


My favorite from the pilot, for reasons I'll never be able to explain other than Kate's delivery is fantastic and they feel like a real family from the word go:  "Philip, do not hit your brother in the head with trash."


When Lee is questioning Amanda (because she's managed to make herself look like she's a double agent) and she responds, "Are you Perry Mason?  Am I supposed to crack under the pressure or something?"


"Call me a cab."

"You're a cab."


I swear, only these two can pull off one of the oldest and stupidest jokes in the book.  Because they're so corny, but just enough, and it's so casual that it comes off as just the sort of silly exchange they'd have.


When they're undercover as a married couple (in only their first assignment together, I think, after the pilot) and Lee is pissy about being stuck in the kitchen making drinks for the neighbors.  "I hate this assignment.  I want a divorce."


Every.single.time Amanda says, "the weasel-faced man."


Ooh, that same episode (I think), where Lee gets shot outside that crazy armed RV and tells her to leave him, she ignores him and drags him inside, scoffing, "'Leave me,' he says."  Lee's "They tell us to say that.  Thank god you never listen to me" is one of my favorites.

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Ha! I was going to use all of those quotes as well! Except for the one from where Amanda was mistaken for Scarecrow, but it is hilarious. I think I used all the others over on TWoP!


I think I used the one from "Magic Bus"-that last quote upthread!


And I used the description of "the weasel-faced man" for when I was describing the actor that crossed over on Remington Steele :P


Another one that makes me laugh is from "I Am Not, Nor Have I Ever Been a Spy" when Amanda realizes Lee only needed her to pick up the note. 


Lee: "Danger...excitement...intrigue...'


Amanda: "Go make your phone call."

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Procrastinating again ...


Perhaps my favorite line delivery of the entire series is Bruce's, when Lee and Amanda are searching her laundry for a missing ... microdot, perhaps? ... and he tosses down her "Hot Mama" shirt in frustration, saying, "Well, Hot Mama ..."


Also when Billy gives him an assignment he doesn't want (maybe when he gets the Q Bureau) and he says, "Now I know why they issue us cyanide capsules.  If you make me do this, I'll swallow mine."  Then Billy tells Amanda something like, "If he survives, help him [something with the assignment]."


I enjoy Lee so much when he's aggravated, so the first two seasons are especially great in that respect. 


I also like Amanda's teasing about his dating life.  When Lee winds up stuck with Punky Brewster's brother and calls Amanda for help with "this kid" he's having trouble with, she asks, "By kid, do you mean one of those girls you date?"  And when he asks her to accompany him to some function because he's no longer seeing the woman he was going to take, she says, "You do go through them, don't you?"

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Bastet, we must have been sharing the same brain recently, because I was thinking of those same scenes as well! Except that I really love the lines right before Lee threatened to take his cyanide pills "Tail of the Dancing Weasel."


Billy tells Lee how the Q Bureau is now his.


Billy: "It's all yours now."


Amanda: "That's great!"


Lee: "No it's NOT! It just means more work for me!"  And then says what you quoted above.


And agree, I do so love it when Lee is aggravated, and though I did love the way he said "Hot Mama" in "Brunettes are In", I didn't like how he was such an ass to Amanda, because her purse had been stolen.  Though he did redeem himself when he said "I don't even know what we were arguing about anymore" or something like that. And then after he leaves, both of them upset and angry, turns his car right back around to Amanda's house.

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Lee: "...be careful. I love you."


Amanda: "What" 






Amanda: "Are you crazy! That stuff's experimental, it's got unpredictable side effects and it can turn your brain inside out like a wet paper bag!"

Lee: "That's why I need it."

Amanda: "It's controlled!"

Lee: "I've been trained to use it."

Amanda: "You stole it!"

Lee: "You helped me."

Amanda: "Ohhh, an unpleasant little detail!"


"Unfinished Business"

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