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NFL Network: Where the Season Never Ends

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They have yet to hit on a line-up for NFL AM I truly like (although anything without Nicole Zaloumis is pretty good), but I am hooked on NFLN programming -- I fall asleep to Total Access and wake up to NFL AM


And I'll watch A Football Life documentaries even about people I can't stand (in fact, the two-part Bill Belichick episode is one of my favorites).

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Rob Bironas is killed in a car accident last night.   The Ravens are hiding from the ESPN storyline.   SO what is NFN doing?    A schtick with a fake doctor about which teams pass "the smell test."    It wasn't even funny and went on way too long.   You could tell that Michael Irvin did not want to do the whole schtick thing and just report on the teams.   Honestly those minutes could have been used so much more productively.

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Since I can't stand any of the network morning shows, this is what I tend to tune into in the mornings, this or ID.  And it's crack during the regular football season, which I can't believe is already over. :(

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I don't know.  Maybe like their version of a Jon Oliver or something.  Somebody who could put a different spin on things? 


I also wouldn't mind an update of the old HBO series in the '80s called 1st and Ten.


I just think a lot of the same information gets regurgitated throughout the day and week.  And it would be fun to try something a little outside the box, especially in the off-season.  

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Hey guys, did you know that the Dallas Cowboys are in the playoffs this year? The NFL Network hasn't said too much about it, so it'd be easy to miss.


I agree with the sentiment that they could do a lot more with this network than they do. Instead of just being an arm of the NFL's PR machine, they could actually make a name for themselves as a channel that really delves into the nitty gritty of professional football and educates as well as entertains the fans.


They seemed to be looking at dissenting viewpoints a little, in the first year of NFL AM, with people like Mark Kriegel who were happy to say what they thought, regardless of whether it ruffled feathers. Unfortunately, what Kriegel thought tended to be kind of dumb. And anyway, that show's format has been slimmed down to just a bunch of people cooing over impressive catches and spouting lines like, 'this team has what it takes and I'll tell you why... [insert pre-prepared video package showing three or four good plays]'. They seem to have dumped any pundits or personalities who have anything to say, in favour of mindless drones who follow the company line and talk up the same few, big market teams, over and over. Then they repeat it all in the following hour.


I really like their draft coverage, and the fact that they televise the Combine, and let fans see more of that process, is really great. But there's none of that access to the NFL and its teams, themselves. The league is too busy protecting itself to make itself accessible and identifiable to the average fan.

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Watching Game Day First, which I am rarely up to watch.   Yeah, a little too much self-congratulating on the info they are providing.   They are acting like these are exclusive insider info.   "Ryan Lindley needs protection."   No shit sherlock.   But what does that little tidbit garner "bringing the knowledge."   Way to much "witty" banter not enough actual substantive information.   


Game Day Morning does better but too schticky.


Their "news" programs are an endless loop.   They just run the same few stories over and over.   Not even new info, but literally rerunning the tape.   So you get reporters saying "Good morning" at 2 in the afternoon.    It's been 10 years, they should be doing a lot better at providing information and covering different stories throughout the day than they are.

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