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[QUESTION] Why can't I download photos?

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Sometimes I can successfully download photos from my laptop or phone, but sometimes it says the file is too big.  What's going on?


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Not to be facetious but, presumably the file size is larger than the site software allows per file? I'm unsure what the precise limit is without diving into it. Do you have details?

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Assuming "download" here is referring to the inability to "upload" images to forum threads, apparently the maximum size is "1,003.52 kB" which is slightly over 1 MB, which is much smaller than many phone pix these days.

Perhaps this size limit could be increased?

Meanwhile, several workarounds to upload pix larger than one megabyte are:

  1. Crop the phone picture to about half its size.
  2. Open the phone pic on your laptop and copy it with the Windows' Snipping Tool or whatever a Mac uses these days, then paste it into the post.
  3. Upload the phone pic to something like Google Drive and set its access permissions to public (I think Google Drive calls this "anyone") and then paste a link to the image into your post.
  4. Use some other image editing software to reduce the size of the image to 1 MB or less.


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