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S02.E02: Obligations

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Stuck in a sticky ethical dilemma, Mickey seeks advice from Legal Siegel and comes up with a strategy to help get a vulnerable client out of a scrape.

Original airdate 7/6/23

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I wasn't expecting that easy a dismissal of the ethical dilemma of the client admitting to the crime that you needed for another client.  I know Glory Days was in a tough spot but she reacted way to nonchalant for bait that got set. 

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I like Lana Parrilla, but I'm not a fan of the "love interest potentially plays lawyer". I feel like she set him up from the beginning. 

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30 minutes ago, Anela said:

I feel like she set him up from the beginning

yeah, she came on awfully strong, didn't she. I haven't gotten any farther in but she pinged my doubts right from the beginning.

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Agreed, Lisa's got him on the hook for a reason.  She's probably had taking out Bondurant planned for a while & since she saw Mickey's name on her reservation list, she had nothing to lose by trying the big seduction.  And fortunately for her, it worked. 

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I'm glad they got rid of the tattoo killer so early in the season. I  was afraid that'd be the main story and I don't think I could stand his smugness all season long. 

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