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S05.E12: Burden of Proof

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If TNT renews it, there will be some changes. I could see them getting rid of Lorraine Bracco or limiting her episodes as they should have. 


 I would like to see Bracco get cut back but I have no reason to assume it will happen. The way the season went they might as well get rid of Sasha altogether, so she can get cast in show that will appreciate her.

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Rizzoli & Isles is consistently in the top 3 of Cable shows so I don't know what the holdup is in renewing. 


But if it doesn't get renewed, big reason has to be the story lines this season where it [retty much revolved around Jane and Angela. I don't understand why Angela is always there when forst of all, she doesn't have a job anymore, she broke up with Cavanaugh and she is living still in Maura's place. I don't know why all of a suddent there was need to insert her in every situation.


It sucks because two things ruined this season for me, 1) Angela 2) Angie turned Jane into herself because she is so keen on not making Jane a lesbian and she wanted to stop all the Rizzles. Sasha just plays along with it but you can tell Angie is irritated by it.


I wish they were more like Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi. They both support the SHOOT ship and they have no problem if the show ever goes there. And I love both their answers during interviews and during panels. They have so much fun teasing.

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